The Sinister World of Lost Children: Little Nightmares II Review

Where are our gore, horror, and eerie game fans out there? Yes, we are looking for you because Tarsier Studios is taking you to a new storyline this year. Forget about Silent Hill, World of Horror, and Sons of the Forest because they are too outdated. Today, say hello to the sequel of Little Nightmares and all its new and ghastly adventures.

This suspense adventure game offers new scary tormentors that are about to challenge the courage of the main cast Mono and his sidekick, Six, who was the main character in the previous version. While it offers a new setup, the game developer retained the mind-boggling puzzles that you will need to accomplish while hiding so you can get past the ghoulish enemies.

Its inspiration came from modern horror films like Midsommar and Hereditary, and it guarantees an unsettling setting, slowly building horror, and the classic jumpscares.

You can continue reading this article find out what else you should be looking forward to when playing Little Nightmares II.


Imagine finding yourself being a lost boy in an eerie city where gruesome tormentors are willing to get the life out of you. Playing as Mono in Little Nightmares II is a game of constant fear about the monsters lurking around you. You have to carefully run, hide, and solve puzzles in four hours until you finish the entire gameplay.

The highlight of this game is its disproportionate ghouls. It begins with Mono and Six being in a classroom with a teacher whose neck expands and slithers to each of her students while in the classroom. The best thing about Tarsier Studios is it does not overexpose the tormentors to the point that the fear factor dilutes. The sinister parts show, linger and end at perfect timing.

The dark grey theme with lurking creatures on the sides and corners is not unusual in Little Nightmares II. The challenges may not be as difficult as you would expect them to be, but the panic, fear, and time will send your nerves to a dysfunctional state. No one wants to be chased by something bigger than them. That is why you have to think and act fast.

One thing that makes its gameplay unique is the protagonist’s ability to grab, hold, and strike objects like torches, remote, and axes. However, since your character is a little boy, his strength also reflects the damage he can incur to a monster. If you cannot kill them, strike them at the right time for a higher chance of escaping.

You will often notice that the background is wide, and you can also discover hidden eggs with collectible items. Some puzzles involve looking for keys, arranging images, finding clues, and uncovering secret messages. This game is indeed perfect for those who love solving and horror aesthetics.

Platforming and Game Progress

This gothic game is one whole adventure that you can finish in no time if you are not scared. The puzzles included in its platform may be difficult, but they are not as challenging as other advanced puzzle games out there. It is more focused on Mono’s survival throughout the story and the strength of your guts to finish it.

Unlike other games, it is not about ranking up at each level. Instead, it is about finishing each minigame to reach the end of the story. With the help of Six as your assistant, you will be splitting up on some parts of the game to finish the challenge. Some parts are tricky, and in some cut-scenes, you will be surprised or even scared of the developer’s elements in it.

Tension is always at a high level in this game. It will be more fun if you play it with a friend who is sensitive to sinister-themed games because it adds more excitement.

Difference from Little Nightmare I

You might wonder what makes the sequel different from the first one and which is more thrilling. Below are several things that make Little Nightmares II different from its older brother.

The sequel has a new protagonist named Mono, and its setting is not on a boat anymore. You are now in a city where you need to traverse swampy areas, schools, parks, and broadcast towers. Its visuals are wider, too. Moreover, it is not about eating rats and other odd objectives, but it focuses more on technology as Mono’s portal to escape the monsters.

You will also notice that the monsters in the sequel are not hungry and are itching to eat the protagonist. Their aggravation roots from the distraction you are causing to their routines and focus, which annoys and provokes them. Plus, it comes with porcelain children that seem lifeless and breakable. Mono can smash their heads and bodies without a problem.

Finally, this sequel has a different direction. It is not about running away from the horrendous life in a boat, but running towards a door that you saw on the television screen from the game’s beginning. As a bonus, you also have the chance to collect hats as you progress in the game and customize your character’s appearance.


Little Nightmares II has been consistent in providing a sinister background to its players. It is dark, and you will not notice some of the creatures lurking around you if you do not look closely. It has good graphics for the minigames, and the sound effects are brilliantly injected into all parts of the game.

Overall Experience

This video game is a perfect example of an activity that will leave a mark on your memory for years. Apart from its inherently scary appearance and theme, its overall quality is also excellent. The graphics and audio are spot-on, and the storyline is not boring. Each puzzle game is unique, and it requires you to be creative, critical, and a fast-thinker.

Little Nightmares II is far different from its previous version, but it would be best to try Little Nightmares first to understand the whole picture.

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