Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

There are few games that you’ll want to keep playing till you have beaten the game, even fewer are ones that grip you for hours with its unforgettable tale and memorable cast of characters. For each swashbucklingly intense Twilight Princess, there is an abysmal, Legendary game that you’ll want too avoid at all cost. And with the bar being constantly pushed when it boils down to what makes a game great, the future of gaming has never looked more promising. Does Uncharted 2 fall into the latter category, read on to find out.

If you have been scrounging the net for the latest news and updates like an eager beaver, chances are that you have already read about the rave reviews that the game has been getting. And yes, having played the game for two days straight, I can safely say that Uncharted 2 delivers in on the massive hype that lead up to its much anticipated release. If you need another reason to get a PS3, its this game alone that puts many other games to shame when it boils down to balls to the wall action, a believable cast that you will feel a sense of connection with and most of all great gameplay that has been long been a trademark of Naughty Dog.

Set a few years after Drake’s Fortune, players are introduced to a familiar face – a notably bruised and injured Nathan Drake who has been shot in the hip. Upon waking up from his sleep, he notices that he is bleeding profusely with each passing second and before Drake figures out just what the hell went wrong, the train he is in plummets to the ground. As each seat and baggage begins to fall, our hero clambers on to whatever he can get his hands on. In this two minutes of finding your way out of this wreck and on to the mountain cliff, train parts will fall, debris will plummet to the abyss but one thing is clear, with such a great beginning to a game, it sets the stage for PS3’s best action game to date.

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