Valheim Game Review – Colorful and Lively Survival Game

Valheim, the newest Viking survival game, is now the hottest in the area after overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and players alike and millions of downloads in its first three weeks on Steam.

So, what is this overnight success all about?

Many video games came out this year and were well-received, but this one is quite different. This new survival game developed by a small and relatively less-known Swedish team became a critical and commercial success at a shocking speed.

Still Simple But Different Survival Concept

The game calls for players to summon and slay monsters, which is far from a new concept. You’ll traverse an expansive game landscape throughout the game, adapting to the common life and survival challenges. Most of the game, you’ll spend it building your bases, looting, and storing your stashes of components, then meet and kill literary monsters.

It’s a simple enough concept for a video game, like most survival games out there. However, there’s one aspect that Valheim trumps others in its league, and it is its reward system. The game rejects the boring survival systems like most of its counterparts, giving a more worthwhile gaming experience.

It is a survival game, but instead of punishments, Valheim will reward you for applying survival mechanics throughout the game. You’ll feel a solid sense of accomplishment after every game instead of feeling tired, which gets you more excited about playing another round.

Another core concept in the game is although it has a lot of fantastical elements, it still gives off a sense of realism. Playing Valheim feels organic, including the complexity of the gameplay. You can think of the game’s progressiveness as an inverted pyramid. You start at the bottom of the pyramid with little to no components.

You begin with the basics of survival, like a rock and stick you found on any of the game’s landscapes. You can use that to make a knife or an ax to hunt down your meal for the day. As you advance in the game, you’ll use more complex crafting recipes using more ingredients you found.

It’s Changing How You Play Survival Games

You’ll sense that the system isn’t holding your hand throughout the game, but it isn’t confusing or inaccessible either. You have to be committed to figuring things out as you go, which makes you feel even better when you’re done. The game is incredibly forgiving and lets you advance at your own pace. It doesn’t bombard you with everything at once, so you can enjoy every craft or exploration for hours if you like.

Most survival games often feature solitary experiences, but this one is different. While you can still enjoy it alone and it wouldn’t be a lonely experience with plenty of things to accomplish, you can also invite friends to your server.

Valheim brings a massive open world that is both lively and colorful. It offers an incredible blend of exploration and freedom to go wherever or do whatever you want.

There’s a good reason why this video game rose to fame overnight. It’s a great one, and if you’re looking for a video game that is more than just a game, Valheim is quite a remarkable choice.

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