The Walking Dead No Man’s Land – Great Mobile Game for TWD Fans

  • The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land overall is a great mobile game
  • The animations make the zombie’s appear more realistic
  • You can play with either the environment or another player

The American horror-drama TV series Walking Dead undoubtedly won a herd of avid fans since its first series aired for the first time in 2010. In this group of passionate Walking Dead fanatics, there are gamers by heart. Hence, what was patronized in television also gained prominence in the mobile game realm with The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land.

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land mobile game

The mobile game has been produced by Next Games and based on the famous Walking Dead series. The beginning of the game shows a small set of survivors lost in the insanity of Terminus, a burning place with dead walkers all over the place. Opportunely, the popular character Darryl and his bow arrive to provide the survivors a handful of escaping tips.

Sooner or later in the game, Darryl joins the disparate group in its missions and calls. Eventually, the group sets up a camp the developers even team wisely bring michonne into the game. The group needs to find new survivors to train in the camp, though.  It is where the thrill of The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land game begins. The new survivors must be trained to reach a higher level. Their gears need to be upgraded from time to time. They have to produce their food to enlarge their camp. They also need to look for gas for their transportation to work. Along their journey, they receive reports of a shadowy harbor called Eden, where people are purportedly safe. The point of the game is to investigate and discover this target place of safety.

Free and Paid Versions of the Game

Even first-time gamers who are not into purchasing mobile games can enjoy playing The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land. Gamers with free accounts may play the game with a certain pacing. However, those who wish to progress with more liberty may pay for the game.

Thrill of the Game

What’s interesting with The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is that the gamer can play with either the environment or another player. In player versus environment mode, the gamer has the chance to create his team of survivors to dominate in close quarter both humans and walkers. Moreover, there is an option to form guilds with utmost 20 players who can play together every week, dealing with new sets of tasks in locations. They can be located in Herschel’s Farm, The Slaughterhouse, The Hilltop, and Terminus.

On the other hand, gamers who find it more thrilling to interact with fellow gamers also have the option to build a camp base. Other players are allowed to discover and attack their camp, too. In the same manner, they can also break-in the outposts of other players for useful trades and power.

Great Visuals

Aside from the excitement of the game mechanics, what makes The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land one of the top mobile games nowadays is the good combination of visual elements in it. Some attractive posh graphics combined with modern animations that appear real make this zombie game even more exciting.

With an exciting storyline, interactive mode and terrific visuals, any Walking Dead fan will enjoy this thrilling action packed rpg mobile game.

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