13 Michigan Mental Health Clinics to Receive Same Medicaid Funding as Other Clinics

LANSING, Michigan – Michigan US Senator Debbie Stabenow permitted 13 mental health and addiction clinics to receive the same Medicaid funding as any other health center. 

Stabenow looks to bridge the gap between the stigmatic and funding division between mental and physical health. In line with Stabenow’s intentions, the Certified Community Health Clinics will receive a complete reimbursement from Medicaid. 

The reimbursement also covers other expenses like transportation services. Medicaid also provides the clinic with more resources to reach more people. 

These mental health and addiction clinics no longer need to cover their expenses with grants. Instead, Stabenow now leads the efforts to fund these health services as other health services. 

Stabenow stated in a news conference last Wednesday that it was about time for these mental health clinics to receive the proper support from the American government. Stabenow also states the significant divide between physical health care and “health care above the neck.” 

Community Mental Health Authority of Clinton CEO Sara Lurie stated the role of clinic crisis services in addressing early addiction and mental health crises. According to Lurie, the Certified Community Health Clinics usually cater to veteran services, local law enforcement, and other people needing help the most. 

According to CEO Jeff Patton, full Medicaid funding provides his clinic with more resources to cater to over 9,000 people in the next year. 

Stabenow looks to provide the same support to the other 33 Certified Community Health Clinics in Michigan. 

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