Alabama Hospitals in Crisis Because of COVID-19 | Health

MONTGOMERY, Alabama – The good news is that the cases in Alabama seem to stabilize for now. However, Alabama currently faces another problem: the number of people in the ICUs needing intensive care.

Because of the number of hospitalizations needed by COVID-19 patients in Alabama, the state hospitals around the area are experiencing slight declines.

Fortunately, the cases seem to plateau, signifying a stabilized number of COVID-19 cases. However, Alabama still has a long way to go before they are in the clear.

Doctors attribute the number of cases to the number of people refusing to get vaccinated in Alabama. According to these doctors, most of the cases in these hospitals are not yet vaccinated.

Unfortunately, because of the rising COVID-19 cases in Alabama, the rooms to take care of these victims properly are slowly dwindling.

As a result, doctors started using normal beds in regular hospitals and emergency rooms as the patient’s bed. Some hospitals resulted to the gurneys to transport COVID-19 patients as their hospital beds for now.

Hospitals continue to push the people to take their vaccines to lessen the number of people in the hospitals. While the numbers in Alabama are already improving, only 40% of the population are vaccinated, far from the desired herd immunity rate.

In response to these issues, the University of Alabama and UAB Medicine created two drive-through vaccination sites to increase vaccinations per day.

Nevertheless, the biggest problem these hospitals face is the conspiracy theories driving fear to the population.

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