Democrats Look to Put an End to Inflated Medical Care Prices | Health News

Washington, AP – The Democrats to remove inflated medical prices by providing more long-term medical care, especially for low-income citizens.

As part of Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda, the Democrats look to utilize the $3.5 trillion domestic agenda bill to tackle health care in the country. This agenda became especially important during the COVID-19 crisis as the country started to experience an upsurge of infection.

Furthermore, this agenda aims to provide long-term care for people without any funds to provide proper health care for themselves. This bill provides better quality of life for over 145 million Americans dependent on government health care programs.

Kathleen Sebelius, the federal health care secretary, praises the bill for its holistic manner of addressing the health care crisis in America, improved to address the specific needs in the country properly.

Sebelius claims that this bill addresses serious health care gaps for uninsured citizens without any money to continue their treatments.

However, there are also political implications that come along with the agenda proposal. The Democrats can only achieve the bill’s purpose by bridging the tension within the government.

According to the Republicans, giving proper medical care is not the best course of action right now.

The Republicans are planning to oppose the health care provisions and brand Biden’s proposal as too big and costly, a transition to socialism.

In response to this opposition, the Democrats are looking to use the money to reinvest in the currently existing programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act.

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