FDA Recommends COVID Booster Shots | Health News

SILVER SPRING, Maryland – The Food and Drug Administration supported the idea of providing the third dose of Moderna COVID-19 booster shots for older people and those with severe illnesses. 

Approving the Moderna COVID-19 booster shots was part of the Biden administration’s goal to speed up the vaccination efforts in the country. 

Last Thursday, the FDA advisory panel approved the Modena booster shots for people above 65 years old and medical professionals. The advisory panel recommends people receive the booster shot at least six months after the second dose. 

The Related Biological Products Advisory Committee will open the opportunity for emergency authorization for the Moderna Booster shot. This booster shot comprises 50 micrograms of the solution, significantly higher than the Pfizer-BioNTech booster shot. 

President Joe Biden spoke before the panel recommendation. President Joe Biden also encouraged US corporations to incorporate mandatory vaccinations to their employees. President Joe Biden assured the public that the FDA would also approve booster shots for children in the future. 

The Labor Department is also implementing a mandate requiring employers with more than 100 employees to require employees to receive the vaccine before working. 

Fortunately, after the surge of the Delta variant, the US is starting to experience a significant decline in COVID-19 cases. The US COVID-19 cases decreased to 47%, while hospitalizations decreased by 38%. 

However, the unvaccinated Americans significantly hindered the government’s goal to remove COVID-19 in the country. According to President Biden, there are still 66 million unvaccinated Americans. 

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