Judge Refuses to Intervene with Governor’s Vaccine Mandate | Health News

PORTLAND, Maine – Last Wednesday, a federal judge refused to intervene in Governor Janet Mills’ COVID-19 vaccine mandate that requires all health care workers to receive the vaccine by the end of the month.

The Liberty Council filed the lawsuit in August. The Liberty Council claims to represent more than 2,000 health workers refusing the vaccine. 

According to District Court Judge Jon Levy, the nine plaintiffs did not meet the legal threshold to halt the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. US health workers would need to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or risk their employment. 

Jon Levy included in his ruling that regular testing is insufficient to lessen the surging COVID-19 cases in the country. Levy continues by stating that using rapid tests could be less accurate. 

The US judge also determined that the plaintiffs lacked sufficient data for an injunction that shows the intervention is in the public’s interest. As a result, Levy is highly doubtful that the lawsuit will prevail in the future. 

According to Governor Janet Mills, requiring the COVID-19 vaccine for health workers significantly increases their protection during the job. 

These subsequent events forced many health workers to opt to quit their jobs to avoid the vaccine mandate. According to Central Maine Medical Center, it needs to refuse some admissions because of a significant shortage of nurses. 

Nevertheless, Maine officials stated that the COVID-19 vaccination rates increased in the state. According to the Maine Department of Health and Human Services statement last Wednesday, the vaccination rate is over 80% for all facilities. 

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