Large Companies in Favor of Biden’s Mandate to Stop COVID-19

Washington, D.C., USA – Biden finally published a mandate requiring large companies of more than 100 employees to get the COVID-19 vaccinations and swab tests near them.

Despite the negative reactions from the public, larger companies see the benefit of this mandate. This mandate justifies the companies to ensure maximum COVID-19 precautions to ensure the safety of everyone within the company.

This mandate includes employees taking regular swab tests and getting vaccinated in the process. In return, the companies can continue functioning without worrying about any infection within the workplace.

This mandate received much praise from the CEOs and leaders, such as Bolten, Jay Timmons, and other governmental departments. The biggest contradiction was from the Consumer Brands Association, stating the lack of clarity in the mandate that can cause confusion and fear among the employees.

Biden created these efforts and initiatives to prevent the COVID-19 situation from worsening. Despite some companies taking the initiative to implement their own vaccination mandates, companies are still not responding as fast as they want.

This mandate only applies to larger companies, leaving small businesses to create their own policies regarding COVID-19 preventions.

Smaller companies also fear the possibility for people against the vaccination process to leave the workforce. This possibility also extends to a possible labor shortage among larger companies.

Because of the possibility of vaccine-hesitant workers in large companies transferring to smaller companies, a large company may lose a portion of their employees to this.

Some hesitant companies may also choose to lay off some workers to reach below the 100-employee mark to avoid the vaccination protocols.

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