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Do you consider yourself to be a video game expert? Do you think you can beat anyone in Madden 2010, NBA 2K10 or Street Fighter? If the answers to any of the questions above are yes, then put your money where your mouth is and make a wager. Introducing the leading site for online cash and prizes offers one-on-one competitions and tournaments on a variety of different video game consoles for cash. Fever Magazine sat down to chat with Woody Levin founder of the competitive gaming site to find out a little more about BringIt, the services the site offers, and the new BringIt Facebook application.

Who is the man behind

Woody Levin: That would be me Woody Levin or Woodrow Levin, I went to college at University of Wisconsin, I played a lot of video games. I loved playing Golden Eye the first split screen four person shooter game. I played my buddies for beer, pizzas, and sometimes a couple of bucks. I really thought; if I could do this once I graduated college playing against my friends or just people online anywhere around the world, other people would want to do it to.

What video game systems platforms do you offer at

Woody Levin: Currently on BringIt we offer the ability to play on PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and we are starting to venture in the PC space as well.

What has the most popular contest been? Which game system and what games?

Woody Levin: The most popular games we see for both the one-on-one challenges and the NCAA bracket style tournaments are definitely NBA 2K10, Madden 2010. We’re also seeing a lot of attention on Tekken 6 and some of the other fighting games.

What is the largest pot since debut and what game is it for?

Woody Levin: The largest head-to-head challenge that I’ve seen was a total of $700, and that was $350 on each side that was for Madden 2010. The largest bracket style that we put up was a $1000 prize tournament, we did one for the PS3 and one for the Xbox 360 and they were both for Madden 2010

What is the age demographic for your site?

Woody Levin: In order for people to compete against each other for cash on the site, they have to be 18 and older. We see a lot of the college age demographic also the 24 to 34 age range is seen as well, people who are out of college trying to pay the bills with their skills.

Are all the competitions held exclusively online or do you hold live events?

Woody Levin: The tournaments we have are done exclusively online and we do this for a few reasons. The number one reason is we created a skill ranking system, so you can see on our website how good the person your playing against is. We segregate tournaments by user ability so everyone can come on and have a fair chance of winning that tournament; this helps level the playing field, which is extremely important. We do sponsor tournaments; the players bowl in Philadelphia, we send players to MLG gaming events also. You’ll see some of our players at events wearing bright pink BringIt protein t-shirts. We sponsor players to go to a lot of events, but the real crux of our business is online game play.

How do you see expanding in the next couple of years?

Woody Levin: I think that is the leader in online game play for consoles as far as cash and/or prizes. I think we can expand in the PC realm and also be able to power some of those challenges in games such as Quake and Counterstrike. I think we really want to continue improving the gamer’s user experience on the site, continuing to take their feedback and improve our customer service as well as the offerings on the site. We just launched our premium membership, which our members really like; it identifies them with the BringIt bling, which is a green diamond on their profile/avatar. We are constantly seeking to utilize our member’s feedback to really improve BringIt and to keep growing at the rapid rate we are.

How much does it cost to register for

Woody Levin: It is totally free to register on the site; it takes about 10 seconds and your ready to game. You can even play for no money on the site just to get your feet wet and understand how the system works. We have free tournaments that we do post as well where there will be cash prizes or prizes for BringIt bucks, which is our virtual currency that you can use on the site. Once you get your feet wet you can deposit money via paypal, credit card, or debit card its very simple and then your ready to compete for cash.

Is just national or have you expanded internationally?

Woody Levin: We are most definitely international. We have players from over 25 different countries. The majority of our players are based here in the United States, however we are seeing players from Australia, UK, Sweden, France, Italy all over the world. Wherever there are games people are coming to, because its something that really takes gaming to the next level.

What tournaments of competitions does have coming up?

Woody Levin: We have a large FISA 2010 tournament for $250 in prizes and two large Madden 2010 tournaments each for $250 in prizes. Each day we post new tournaments on the site, whether it be for NHL, Call Of Duty, Halo, Street Fighter, Gears Of war whatever your looking to play most likely its going to be on the website.

Is there anything else you would like the readers of Fever Magazine to know about

Woody Levin: One of the really exciting features we’ve launched on is the BringIt Facebook application. With this Facebook app when you’re playing on BringIt well actually post to your recent activity example: (Woody is playing BringIt against bob on madden 2010 for $20). The Facebook application will let all your friends know that you’re online kicking butt and making money while doing it. I want everyone to come check out and sign-up. The site is free to signup and it takes gaming to a new level. is about more than just bragging rights, you can put your money where your mouth is and have fun while doing it.

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