Cash Clay Beats: The Drop on an Atlanta Super Producer

November 30, 2018

You’ve probably heard his sound and never knew who put them together. His songs like Kelly Price, Racks Like This, and Rob Kardashian have been on national radio play. Cash Clay Beats have quietly created hits for major music stars including Migos, Travis Scott, Young Thug, K Camp, Rick Ross, T-Pain, R. Kelly, 21 Savage and countless others.

However, it’s much deeper for Cash Clay Beats than simply working in the music business. An insightful person, he’s all about networking with others for possible business endeavors. Cash Clay presently owns two barber shops in Atlanta, GA. He’s the CEO of Beat Cartel production company; plus, he’s starring in three upcoming documentaries.

Cash Clay Beats

Credit: Valofilms

His thoughts on Migos Culture album receiving a Grammy Award nomination for Best Rap Album were humbly spoken, “The nomination is big in itself. Grammy Award-nominated producer is a great title to have.” Fever Magazine’s writer, Cornelus Postell, recently sat down with Cash Clay Beats for an exclusive in-depth interview.

Tell us more about how it all started for you in the music industry.

I used to rap back in 1996 when I was in high school. Then, I took it to Morehouse College. From there, I met another producer who was producing for me. But, he ended up getting a deal. I ended up producing my own records back in 2003. So, it kind of started from me rapping.

Then, I took it more seriously around 2008 and came up with my name, Cash Clay. I started producing for other people outside of myself. I started submitting tracks to people and working with artists in the studio. I never heard other people on my beats. It was just me at first.

I tried to get more and more people on my beats… no matter if they were big or small. But, it was mostly independent artists at first. Then, I got my first big artist of attraction around 2009 and that was Bone Crusher. From there, I just kept networking and kept working it.

Cash Clay Beats

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I’ve read that you’re slated to be in two upcoming music industry documentaries. Tell us more about them.

It’s the Turnt documentary and The Rise of The Atlanta Producer. And we’re doing The Drop as well, which will appear on Comcast later this year.

The documentaries explain my take on the music industry, how I came up, and some of my influences. And some tips I can give to other producers and artists. All three of the documentaries are informative for artists and producers.

You’ve produced music for some of the hottest hip-hop and R&B artists for a while now. What’s your strategy when working with them?

I try to get to know them, if I don’t already know them, by looking up their interviews and how they interact with other producers. Whether it be YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, I just use all the tools to my advantage.

If I do know them, I already have a kind of feel for them and I just keep it organic. Because sometimes the closest people to you is the hardest ones to get to. Just being patient.

What was it like working with Migos on their latest album?

I was surprised. I was working on their first album too. With that album, I was introduced to Migos through another producer. On the Culture album, I got reintroduced to Migos through Iman Shumpert. I’ve been knowing Iman since 2010.

Tell us more about your production company and the plans you have for it.

It’s called Beat Cartel. It consists of producers and writers. I’m just trying to organize it now and just submit records. We’re working on submitting records for Beyoncé and a lot of different artists I have connections with. Just trying to put a team together so we can go ahead and flood the industry with our sound.

Can you please give some advice for up-and-coming producers looking to break into the music industry?

Just be patient. Don’t jump the gun. You are going to get your time. Keep working at your craft and network, network, network. Because every blessing I’ve got was by a different person that set it up. If I wasn’t networking, then I wouldn’t have the multiple artists that I have under my belt right now.


When asked to name three words that best describe him, Cash Clay’s response was, “Dedicated… loyal… and passionate.” You can catch up with his news and upcoming events on Instagram and other social channels @cashclaybeats. You can also check out samples of his music and company merchandise at

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