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Charlie Murphy: Telling his own True Hollywood Story

Unlike most celebrity siblings the man we’ve come to know and love thanks to the most controversial sketch comedy show in years, Chappell’s Show; Charlie Murphy stands on his own ten toes. Having Eddie Murphy as a little brother is only a plus; with the success he’s had in the comedy game, his career has definitely been taken to new heights, for adults and children. From movies to stand up comedy the iconic status Charlie has attained rest on solely on his drive, perseverance, ambition, and just wanting to have fun in the entertainment industry while bringing characters to life.

Couple Charlie’s performances on film since the age of nine with the legendary Pearle Bailey with his true Hollywood Stories he’s mastered being a crowd pleaser. Now add writer, director and producer to his repertoire and if all works out we will soon be watching the chemistry between him and Chappell Show comrade Donnell Rawlins on the reality show Charlie vs. Donnell on Comedy Central.

Charlie has five movies setting to be released The Perfect Christmas sure to be a holiday favorite as he shares the screen with the multitalented Queen Latifah, Twisted Cap coming in February, Unearthed a horror film shot in Utah, Bar Studs a movie in which he plays a bouncer that lives in the woods; stop laughing there’s one more, Night at the Museum with Ben Stiller. Those of you waiting on the next seasons of Boondocks with Regina King have no fear Charlie Murphy will be back.

Having a comedic style all his own Charlie Murphy is definitely having a positive impact on all of us who need a hearty laugh. Though in his everyday life he leans heavy on the serious side of his personality in order to get the job done he loves his work in comedy.  Fever Magazine had the opportunity share a few laughs with Charlie Murphy and when asked if he is tired of people walking up to him saying, “Charrrlllie Murrrph-ay, he replied smoothly “No because that is just who I am!!!”

Fever:   How many movies have you been in?

Charlie: Roughly….18 movies, but maybe more.

Fever:  How many movies have you been in?

Charlie: “Roughly….18 movies, but maybe more.

Fever:  How do you feel about your iconic status now that you are where you are with your career?

Charlie:  I look at it as a blessing…because it’s given me more opportunities…and I am very happy about that!

Fever:  With your roles in movies, are you looking for roles that are more serious to stretch yourself in that area?

Charlie:  A movie being important is more interesting to me than anything else.

Fever:  So, tell me about this movie that you have coming out, with Queen Latifah, A Perfect Chirstrmas

Charlie:  It’s a rated G movie or PG13 at the most,  a movie for the kids, a cute movie; it’s a tear jerker and is fun to be involved in because I got to do some stuff that I normally don’t get to do, like interact with children. I interact with a kid in this movie and Queen Latifah. It’s a great cast.

Fever:  What kind of character are you playing in this movie.”

Charlie:  My character is an entrepreneur that owns a record and clothing empire. He’s a great business man. I don’t want to put too much into it or give it away I want people to see the movie. It’s real funny you gotta see it.

Fever:  Do you incorporate a lot of life experiences in your routine or borrow from the lives and things that are going on around you?

Charlie: It just can’t be your life, you have to be able to take your life and other’s experiences open it up, so that everyone can relate to it. Look at things that we all share, to have a point of reference.

Fever: Are there any people that you look to, like some of the older comedians or any of the up and coming that you look to for inspiration?

Charlie:  Yeah, the ones that helped me, such as my brother, Martin Lawrence, and Chris Rock They all gave me words of wisdom, when I asked for it. They gave me words of advise of course I look to them they know more about this than I know.

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