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Always the consummate thinker, Eddy Inserra is poised to take the wave of social media onto another level. As the co-founder of, he’s helping people connect much easier with others. Instead of possessing several social media addresses, now individuals and businesses only need one address to promote all of your links. Here’s what Eddy had to say about this groundbreaking service!

Tell me a little bit more about yourself?

I was born and raised in Woburn, Massachusetts. I went to high school with three of my current co-founders and later in life came up with this cool idea to consolidate all of your online social profiles and link it to one central location.

The service you provide began in April of 2009. How did the idea for starting originate?

I went to Los Angeles to visit one of my current partners who was just a friend at the time. At the time, we were managing a hip hop artist. We were at a venue where he was performing at and someone gave me their business card. When I looked at the card, I saw about eight to ten [social networking] links on the front and two on the back. It was just too much information. The next morning, I called another one of my co-founders and told him about the idea of combining the links into one. I was really a weekend idea that we started putting everything together.

What are the benefits gained for individuals and businesses that use

With our service, once you set it up and add all the links to your profile, all you have to do is insert one badge or link to your commercial. You only have one access point so your marketing materials don’t have to be updated. On the backend, you can do your analytics where you can see a whole host of analytics. So if you promote your page you can see where people came from that went to your profile…geographically…what time they came…what city, country and state and see which of your links are most popular.

There have been recent developments in utilizing barcodes for smart phones. Please explain the benefits of having a Quick Response (QR) barcode?

Each profile is provided with a black and white QR code. You can download a QR scanning app on your mobile device and scan these codes. After someone scans the QR barcode, it will immediately take them to your profile page and give access to your complete online presence.

You have been regarded as a walking think tank. What are the future business goals for your company?

We are working on a major redesign. We are almost ready to go live with our new design now. We’re making it a lot easier to use than what it is already. We are also launching a new feature called a subscribe feature where you’ll be able to subscribe to other people and also a suggest sites.

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