Courtney Hope Talks Relationships, Video Games and Fitness

The perfect way to describe Courtney Hope is The Bold and The Beautiful. She just so happens to play Sally Spectra. With almost 200 episodes under her belt, Courtney is truly living her childhood dream. Courtney Hope is also known as ‘Beth Wilder’ in the hit video game and embedded TV show “Quantum Break”. And has a new Video Game “Control” that will be released later this year.

Courtney Hope

This fiery bombshell isn’t just beautiful she is also intelligent. She graduated from the performing arts high school at 15 years old, began spending time in LA, started college on her 16th birthday, and completed her Associates Degree by the age of 18 with a major in Psychology.

She’s full of passion, confidence, and ambition. Courtney Hope was sweet enough to slow down and have a quick chat with us. This is how it went…

Courtney Hope

I am so excited I hear you are working on your 2nd video game. Are you yourself a gamer? If so what are your favorite games?

I do play games on occasion, not as much as I used to. But I’ve been getting back into it more with my downtime. I’ve really been wanting to play Life is Strange and I’m excited for scavengers. I really enjoy games like grand theft auto and rocket league too. I’m a huge car girl so I love the car games:). Also, I always love a good MARIO session.

Your new video game CONTROL You are Jesse Faden, a young woman with a troubled past. You become the new Director of the Bureau of Control – Our frontline in researching and fighting against supernatural enemies like the Hiss threatening our very existence.

Does Courtney Hope and Jesse Faden have anything in common?

Absolutely! Every character I play has a part of me in them and vice versa. With Jesse, I feel I connect with her curiosity as her acceptance of the “weirdness” of life. She on the search for truth and that is one thing I always find I am seeking as well.

Courtney Hope

Have you gotten to work directly with James McCaffrey who played the voice of Zachariah Trench?

I haven’t yet! We met and hung out at Comic-Con, but with video games, there is a lot of missing each other during shooting. Since the schedules are so different! Hopefully, I will though!

What is it like working with him?

I really enjoyed getting to hang out in New York! He’s an incredible actor and a very great human being!

I love the fact you are very empathic! Do you feel your empathy is why you leaned towards psychology in college?

One thousand percent! I am so interested in how human beings work and what drives us to behave the way we do. I wanted to learn as much as I can about my vessel and everyone else’s.

Has your psychology training helped you get in touch with the characters you play?

Oh for sure! It’s given me so much more insight on human behavior, coping mechanisms, body language and everything in between. I studied it because I loved it and because I knew it would help with my work!

You have been very open with the public about your relationship with Chad Duell. With social media and the way the world is so invasive are you two ever apprehensive about sharing your private life? How are you able to find a healthy private life balance with social media?

We only share about 10 percent of our private life on social media. We share the depth of our love, but that’s about it. It is important to keep things between ourselves, and we both agree on what we share before we share it. We are proud of each other and the love we’ve cultivated, but the details are for us only. I feel like we’ve found a good balance.

Red body suit

Your passion for the industry is apparent. It has been since you were 3 years old. Now that you are exactly where you have always dreamed of, is it all that you imagined it would be?

It’s way more! I’m so happy with my life and where it’s taken me. It’s been a very different road than what I thought it would be, but I wouldn’t change it for anything’ !

Is anything about the entertainment industry different than what you expected it to be?

It’s a lot less glamorous than I expected when I was young. A lot of hard work and no’s before you can get anywhere. I was prepared for it and appreciate all of it, but it was a way longer road than I expected.

You teach at Cardiobarre, and you are a certified personal trainer. I heard you say, “It’s important to be nice to yourself”. Briefly, can you explain to a teenage girl what being nice to yourself means?

It’s so easy to compare yourself to others and get down on your differences. Feelings of inadequacy are circulating more prominently in today’s generations and it’s truly heartbreaking. It’s rare that people look themselves in the mirror and praise their quirks and attributes as opposed to getting down on themselves. I’m a huge advocate for loving yourself who you are regardless of what you feel you should be. Love who you’ve been created to be and learn to be confident in even what you may consider your shortcoming. It’s all a matter of opinion anyway, why not set the standard for a positive one!

If you could teach people one thing about taking care of their body what would it be?

Learn what your body doesn’t like and from there you can find out what your body does like. We, as a society, spend a lot of time depriving our body of nutrients and movements that would benefit us greatly. When we can weed out what we don’t need we can better focus on what we do need.

What are your next goals?

Continue to enjoy working on so many different projects! I want to get back into movies, I truly love film! Get my fitness line off the ground, and continue to focus on spreading health and wellness tips to others!

Is there anything else you want people to know?

I’m always up to something new and fun, so if you want to keep up with me follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @TheCourtneyHope!

Last update was on: September 18, 2023 9:42 am

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