Seattle Mist’s Danika Brace

Seattle Mist’s middle linebacker and tight end, Danika Brace, has been terrorizing opponents on the football field ever since 2010. Her bruising style of play is very similar to Hall of Fame member Ray Lewis. Danika has even captured the 2015 Legends Football League MVP and Defensive player of the Year. Fever Magazine’s reporter, Cornelus Postell, recently sat down with Danika for an exclusive interview.


What was life growing up when you were still in school?

I’m the youngest of three girls. I grew up in Seattle. I basically played every sport possible. I was good in gymnastic, in basketball played point guard and did springboard diving.

Who were your role models when you were growing up?

I was a basketball player originally so I used to love watching Allen Iverson. And Ray Lewis was and still is one of the biggest motivations in my life. Not only is he an incredible strong freakish athlete but he has a passion for the game that you very rarely find.

How has playing football helped you since starting with the Seattle Mist back during the 2009/2010 season?

It keeps me in shape and active. It’s helped me to prioritize my life. I’ve put a lot of time and energy into my workouts and diet and it has kept me healthy overall. It has also allowed me to travel around as well. For the LFL All-Star game, they are taking me to Guatemala. I’ve been to Australia. I’m going to South Africa this January. It’s been a really good opportunity to experience life.


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What was a defining moment in your football career you can always draw back to and why?

One of the most defining moments in my life is winning the championship last season. It was an incredible experience and a great accomplishment in my life. Another one happened during the 2015 season. In one game, I was in a zone and had 8 or 9 tackles in a row. There were all very good plays and it was actually a very good game that we won for the championship.

What are some of your plans moving forward?

I want to open up a training facility for athletes. I also want to have an educational component to help the athletes. They would be able to understand what sports have done for them and how it shapes them and how they can use that and have a career. They can make the transition from being an athlete to back to the real world.

I heard you love to read. What are some books you recommend reading?

I read a lot of self-help books. One is called The Power of I Am. There’s another book that’s called The Power of Ten.


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Any words of advice for women who want to succeed in life?

Definitely don’t worry about what anyone has got to say because your own goals are important to yourself.

How can people get in contact with you?

I can be reach on Twitter at @DanikaBrace, Instagram @DanikaBrace and Facebook/danikabracelfl.

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