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She was arguably the most unlikely reality show role model; certainly not expected to be a fan favorite amidst the highly volatile and attention hungry co-stars. So how did an Albanian American, bisexual, Muslim become season 4’s ultimate Bad Girl Club member? Well, the lady known as “Flo” cuts right to the chase on the topics of what turned events in her favor on the Oxygen network hit show and how a non-competitive reality series turned into an ego-tripping and sometimes ugly rivalry of personality.

Reality television portrays almost a caricature of people, or a single side. What don’t people know about the real Flo?

What people don’t know that I’m a humanitarian, I love animals, want to help the world and I am a great singer. They probably don’t know how passionate and artistic I am. Just genuine and sweet. They don’t always portray that because it is the Bad Girls Club. They don’t show that I’d give the shirt off my back.

Did you expect all the drama that quickly ensued on the show?

Honestly, I figured there would be drama, but I have crazy friends so it couldn’t be that bad. I wasn’t expecting the girls to be so against each other, I didn’t think there would be so much competition. It was competitive for no reason, and that’s what I didn’t expect at all. These girls were acting like there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and I was like ‘why are you doing that?’ I wasn’t understanding that, I didn’t get it. I’m competitive, but no envious competitive. I’m competitive in sports or something like that. It was crazy.

Does that on-screen tension and turmoil continue even after the camera stops rolling?

I have no hatred toward any of them. It wasn’t a life-changing experience, but I learned a lot. If we all worked together, we could make so much money and do projects. I still don’t understand why they compete against each other. A lot of them still like each other.

You became quite the fan favorite of the show. In comparison to the over-the-top antics of some other cast members, did your rise in popularity come as a surprise?

While I was on the show, I didn’t amplify my personality times three. People noticed my real side. It’s a reality show, so I was real. I wasn’t surprised at the viewers feedback, but at how much. People loved me and not the other girls. I don’t want them to hate the other girls, but at the same time, look what happens when you play me out.

Would you consider doing another reality show?

I would do definitely do another reality show, but not a dating show. I don’t know if they’re fake, but I think they are. I would never see myself dating people on television. I’ve been offered one for charity and one focusing on my music career.

Other career plans?

Since I was young, I did singing, school plays, and always did stuff with singing. Now I have the opportunity. Sometimes I think I’m too old, or I doubt myself, but right now I’ve opened the doors and have to walk through them. Releasing an album, a book and acting.

Final words of wisdom for aspiring reality stars?

The craziest thing about it is how they puppet master behind the scenes. If you don’t give them what they want, they’ll let you know. Be prepared to get used by that network. If you can’t handle fame and people coming up to you, don’t do it. People feel like they can relate to you even though you’re a reality star. It is not everything you think it is. It’s fun and great, but without a gameplan when you go on that show, if you go on, be prepared they will expose your most vulnerable side.

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