Jennifer “Toastee” Toof Flava, Charm and Money – Fever Exclusive

Reality television has made stars out of otherwise average everyday people. Some try their hand at it and move on, while others make a career move out of the experience. Jennifer Toof became a memorable character on not one, but three reality series – the first being the second season of Flava Flav’s love conquest show Flava of Love. Nicknamed Toastee by the Public Enemy hype man, Toof made it through only a few episodes before competitors took gossip and potentially damning information to the bachelor himself. A survivor to the bitter end, Toastee went on to answer the call of disciplinary adjustment with Charm School. Again, no graduation to the top of the class, but viewers were certainly familiar with Toof’s on-screen persona. By the time I Love Money 2 came courting, she was a reality veteran and made her strongest effort. But in between the melodrama and controversy of reality shows, Toof was thrown a curve ball that both served as a public relations nightmare and a giant blast of notoriety – the sex tape scandal. Toastee now reveals the good, bad and ugly of the reality show experience, and gives some insight into the woman behind the Toastee persona.

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