Kimberly Lacy: The new girl on the “Block” talks about her new show on HGTV

Kimberly Lacy is the spunky out-spoken newest addition to the HGTV family. The on-camera beauty with the fiery red hair is the new co-host of HGTV’s brand new show “Curb Appeal The Block.” Kimberly spoke with Fever Magazine in her first magazine interview to discuss her new show. “I’m the girl next door in the sense, that I never meet a stranger” -says Kimberly when asked the question, who she was? In the interview below you’ll find out exactly what the show “Curb Appeal The Block” is, Kimberly’s role on the show, and how she went from intern to on-camera talent in less than 2 years.

Word on the street is, this is your first magazine interview.

Kimberly Lacy: Lets see, this is my first magazine interview for sure. I dove into work and have been working for the past 6 months. I’ve stayed under the radar for good reasons, it’s my first time out so I needed to make sure I concentrated on my task at hand and that was perfecting my craft.

Who is Kimberly Lacy?

Kimberly Lacy: Who is Kimberly Lacy? Friends and Family could sum that up a lot better than myself. I would definitely say that I’m outspoken, and have a fiery personality. I’m not the typical girl next door, but I’m the girl next door in the sense that I never meet a stranger

You are a new talent and face on HGTV, when did you know you wanted to be in the entertainment industry?

Kimberly Lacy: Well I’ve always since a kid wanted somehow to be on the platform in media doing something. During the course of life the desire was always there. Lots of people say they lucked up on an opportunity, I blessed up on having an opportunity. I had the honor of being in a pilot for HGTV that wasn’t picked up, but I was picked up. For the “Curb Appeal” show that I’m on now. It’s a new spin for Curb Appeal. “Curb Appeal” is an HGTV brand that’s been around for 12 years, but what we’re doing is “Curb Appeal The Block” so we go in and we improve not only the eyesore of the block but two additional homes on the block as well.

We are so glad you cleared what “Curb Appeal the Block” is, because we thought the block meant the hood. The first reaction was an urban twist to “Curb Appeal”

Kimberly Lacy: That’s funny, I am the urban twist.

For the show “Curb Appeal The Block” what is your role.

Kimberly Lacy: My role on HGTV started out as the network wanting to see more of me, who is that girl, they said we want more of that girl. That is when they saw me on the pilot. I said a few sassy lines about people, and I was just being me. They didn’t know exactly how to work me in and work my role in. My role evolved over time. It started out as me being on the show just working with Jon and Chip my cast mates, who I worked with before on a previous show for HGTV behind the scenes. After it evolved from me just showing up, they decided that I would be in charge of all the mini projects which make up the “Block” portion of “Curb Appeal The Block”. The show works on one home that is the eyesore of the block. Then we choose two additional houses in the neighborhood that are nice homes, but need some additional touches to increase the property value. That’s where I come in, I make the plan I arrange everything the scope of work that we are going to do for those two projects, and I actually provide the labor for those two projects. I’m also the co-host for the show. So my role is project manager and co-host.

As The project manager for Curb Appeal The Block what brands and products do you recommend for home projects?

Kimberly Lacy: As a project manager and a woman showing up on TV, I like to throw in a little fashion in the work wear. I love Carhartt products and Dickies overalls. I love the Honda Equipment the lawnmowers and trimmers are really good equipment. I use Sherwin-Williams paint. Purdy paint brushes are the best brushes out there. I like the one called the Cub, because you fit your thumb in the circular part of the handle and it causes for really good brush strokes. I get dirty so I cant wear cute little shoes or fresh sneakers. So I’ve come up with this signature style wearing cowboy boots, they are cute, comfortable and I can get them wet and dirty and they won’t mess up.

Now we’ve heard from the grapevine that “Curb Appeal The Block” is a new type show for HGTV. What does that mean?

Kimberly Lacy: The original “Curb Appeal” Brand speaks for itself. It’s outside landscaping, and working on the yard. The difference with curb appeal the block is we have three people John Gidding (The Designer) Chip Wade(The Carpenter) and Myself (The Project Manager) we are on the show every single episode with new houses each episode. When you see curb appeal the block you will always see us three. The other difference is we provide the 20,000 for the outdoor makeover, when in previous seasons of the show the homeowners provided the budget for the show themselves.

Now you also do on camera paint tips and tricks for HGTV. How did you start painting?

Kimberly Lacy: I always wanted to be in the TV industry. I responded to a classified ad for an intern position for HGTV. I decided to go out for this internship, they only choose 4 people out of about 50 entries and they choose me. While interning, HGTV loved how I painted and I eventually became the lead painter for “Designed to Sell DC”. They were opening a new office in Atlanta for “Designed to sell Atlanta”. I said I wanted to come to Atlanta and they said they had a fit for me and I could be the lead painter for the show. For all the Designed to sell Atlanta shows I did the painting. For 52 shows I painted all the homes.

You are also a celebrity stylist, who have you styled?

Kimberly Lacy: Nene Leakes and Lisa Wu-Hartwell from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, Toccara Jones from BET and “America’s Next Top Model”, and Miss Georgia 2008 Chasity Hardman.

Is there anything else you would like to tell readers of Fever Magazine.

Kimberly Lacy: There is one thing I would like to tell the readers of Fever Magazine. Dream Bigger than you’ve ever dreamed before. Put no limitations on what you want to do, your dreams or goals. If you put a limitation on yourself you’ve set that limitation. With no limitations you will continue to soar. Never take no for an answer, only you possess the power to mold your future.

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