Mz. Berry – Reality Before and After the Show

Who is Mz. Berry? Just another reality star with a boatload of emotional baggage and an eye on continuous dating show stardom? Not exactly. According to the season 2 For the Love of Ray J winner, the Mz. Berry persona is not much different from the real Connie Devereaux, and besides an admitted overload of on-screen tears, she harbors few negative feeling s regarding the television experience. Even following a raucous reunion show and subsequent fizzle in romantic sizzle, she remains upbeat and positive; Just don’t expect any ‘For the Love of Mz. Berry’ type of show anytime soon.

How does it really feel to be in the final two on a celebrity dating show?

While I’m waiting for him to call me, it was emotional and I didn’t think it would be as mentally draining as it was. I was very happy to be in the final two. I was ready for it to be over, for him to choose me, and Ray and I be together.

The reunion show certainly offered some shock and awe. Did you and Ray call it quits following that?

The reunion for very strange, to say the least. Ray and I had a discussion, which they showed on A Family Business, which his show, basically me telling Ray I didn’t think he was ready for a committed relationship, which is fine. We have a decent friendship, and I don’t have any hard feelings toward him. I’m thankful for the experience that we shared and that’s pretty much where we stand.

Is it in your nature to be so upbeat and positive?

Unfortunately the perception of people on reality dating shows is not the best, so I’m glad I can give people a different idea. The girls are great and everybody is different. They have their strengths and weakness like any person, but it’s unfortunate that such a negative light on them. I’m happy to be able to inspire people. I strive to be a positive person, not everyday it happens, but you fall off the horse and get back on.

Did you know what you were getting into when you were selected for the show?

I had only seen part of a season of Flav of Love and For the Love of Ray J, I had only seen the last episodes. It wasn’t like I was on a television show, but I didn’t think it would be so emotional. People ask how was it watching it? I think the only thing I was weird about was they tried to make me out to be this crybaby. I wasn’t a character, it was just me. I think he thought my crying was over the top at times. It’s a difficult experience and really can break you because it is emotionally draining. You’re up for hours on end, cameras on all the time, and just dealing with all the different personalities. But for me watching the show, it was like watching home movies. To me, it just felt like watching something you did with your home videos. I went into the experience not really expecting anything, except that Ray would meet me, get to know me and then like me. That was it. I didn’t really have any other expectations. Since the show, initially I was sort of shocked that people started noticing me, but I’ve taken on the attitude that I have a huge responsibility now. It’s an opportunity to do great things and a responsibility now that I have some connections to bring greater awareness to things close to my heart.

What are some of those aspirations?

This is a great time now that I have great connections and resources. All the volunteer work I had going on before the show. Domestic violence is a huge thing. I’ve dealt with it in my childhood and want to bring awareness of it especially for boys. I volunteer, like my third time for the Aids walk in New York. Maybe by end of the year or next year I’ll have a book out. A memoir up to where I am now in my life.

Would you consider doing another reality series?

It would have to be different and I’m definitely done with the dating theme. I don’t know that I would want to put myself out there, emotionally on a limb again. I am single now, but that is private, my children are private, and now that I’m out there I want to keep those things private. I wouldn’t want to expose that, but I would do another reality show, just on something different.

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