Rain910: The Next Chapter

November 30, 2018

From Fayetteville, North Carolina to New York, starting new chapters has always been a part of Rain910’s life. At 9 years old, he began writing rhymes. By 13, he was already meeting with major label record companies. Shortly after dropping out of school to pursue his dreams, he moved to live with his father in New York. Today, he’s starting his latest chapter, being Maybach Music Group’s newly-signed artist.

Rain910’s biggest ambition is wanting to be remembered as one of the best artists ever. Another one of his goals is “writing one of the greatest albums of all time.” His focus is to “continue making good music on the highest level possible.” His latest album is filled with a smooth, laid-back flow and loaded with vivid life experiences he has gone through. Fever Magazine’s writer, Cornelus Postell, recently sat down with Rain910 for an exclusive interview.


Tell us how did you start out working the rap game?

I’ve always loved hip-hop. My older brother used to bring a lot of different mixtapes in from New York. So, when I was in North Carolina, he used to come visit and bring old DJ Doo-Wop, Tony Touch, Ron G…whoever had a mixtape out then.

Just by listening to that music, I made up my mind this is what I wanted to do. I was young, like 9 years old, when I started writing. I had my first major label meeting when I was 13 with Steve Rifkin and Loud Records.

Tell me more about your involvement with URL Channel?

I’m a music supervisor handling all the music. Anytime a battle is about to drop, we do trailers to promote them, and I’ll produce all of the music for the trailer. I make sure the music fits the feel and the vibe of the masses.

How did the signing with Maybach Music happen?

It happened through my man GDK. Him and Rick Ross had a good relationship and GDK opened the door by introducing me to Ross. Ross heard my music and he like it. The first time I played for him, he got on it. We just been cool ever since.

Tell us more about your latest album, Who The Fuck Are You To Tell Me Anything?

It was meant to be a mixtape. It was supposed be an instrumental tape with a bunch of beats from a bunch of other different artists. Going through all of the instrumentals, I couldn’t really find too much stuff that I liked.

So, I wound up finding these rare instrumentals from different producers like Alchemist, Madlib, Kev Brown, Knxwledge and doing freestyles to them. Then, I started turning them into whole, original songs. So, it sounds like an album when in actuality, it was a freestyle tape.

Everyone wants to hear the answer to this question. Why don’t you battle rap?

I always feel that it would be something that I do if I wasn’t into the music anymore. But I’m so into music that I don’t want to be distracted with battling for a check. Maybe I’ll battle later down the line once I’m already established.

Any words of advice for anyone who wants to succeed in the rap game?

Stay in the game and don’t throw in the towel. Always get up to fight and stick to the script because you never know when it will happen to you. Find you a job where you can pay your bills while you are putting your real plan together.


When asked about what three values best describes him, Rain910 responded, “Having both dedication and determination help gets you to where you want to be. From that point on, all you need to do is continue to be creative and deliver a good product.” Rain910 can be reached on Facebook @livefastdieyoung, Instagram, and Twitter @Rain910, or through his website, Rain910.com.

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