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At 5 am my facebook messenger rang. I answered and it was RazB. Raz B is a member and creator of the group B2K.

RazB: What you doing?

Cherie: Laying here, what’s up?

RazB: I’m still in bed.

Cherie: Me too, it’s hella early what are you doing up?

RazB: I leave for my tour tomorrow and I know you better make one of my shows?!

(he was joking…but not joking my play brother punked me)

Cherie: Deal I will be there! Oh, s*@T your tour I want to interview you for my magazine when are you available?

Raz: We are on the phone now.

Cherie: Okay you know I’m old you gotta walk me through this….Fast forward I figured technology out.


                                        He Is Back

For 7 years Raz B relocated to China and landed himself a residency at a night club. His residency was comparable to having a residency in Las Vegas. When he left to the other side of the world he first didn’t receive the money he was expecting. He worked in a small club called “88 club”.  Raz said China has its own style and once he started working with Chinese producers he developed his own sound, which helped him to connect with the audience and then was moved to “Club King” which is a bigger venue with a grand stage.

What was the experience like living in China, you left as a boy and came back a grown man?

China taught me to respect myself. China was about adapting. I was away from my family and my friends and everyone I knew, I went into survivor mode. For the first time ever I got a chance to live a normal life. After 2 months went by my then girlfriend flew out to see me. It was refreshing to have a familiar face around. I booked other acts to come over and perform. I positioned myself to become assets to their entertainment scene. When I arrived in China many knew me but, it wasn’t like being in the USA at first I got a chance to live a normal life. I rebirth myself in China and when I left I made a mark in China’s entertainment world solo like I had in the states with B2K, but it was time to come home.

Did you have any fears leaving behind the life you built on the other side of the world?

I came home very confident. I had some questions of what it would be like to be around my peers. I came back realizing that the place I grew up in was very small. China has its own entertainment scene they have their own award shows and everything.

Do you speak Mandarin?

Yes, I had to learn. I wouldn’t say Im fluent but I can hold a great conversation.

When does your tour start?

I leave tomorrow! Our first date is March 8th in your hometown. We will be in Pittsburgh, PA. (jokingly ) My brother will be there. Are you coming?

I wish I have kids now oooh has life changed!

I know, I am just messing with you.

What’s your relationships like with social media?

My relationship is real simple, its what I make of it. The internet is hands down undefeated. People only have as much access to you as you allow them to have. This was all prophesied when Nikola Tesla was alive.

How do you sent you boundaries and keep your privacy?

I’m cautious of what I listen to what I read and what I hear.

Your Fans want to know do you check your DM?

Yes, I try to check as many as I can. When the energy isn’t positive I just don’t read them. They can be a distraction and I have so many goals I keep all my energy positive because I have tunnel vision.

Do you believe in Manifestation?

Yes, I manifested this tour. This is my dream tour and something I have been looking forward to doing for a while now. My mother calls me her Faith baby. People who are religious may know “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrew 11:1. I like that statement. The word faith is we have to believe in things we can’t see.

What are you Manifesting for this tour?

I really want to strengthen the bonds with my brothers. I want us to all have a really good time, nobody gets hurt. I am manifesting love and good health. We really have put in the work. We have a really big stage production. All the acts get along and really support each other. The opportunities in front of us are amazing. Pretty Ricky made some videos of us rehearsing. For another group to pay homage to another is really a beautiful thing.

How many Cities will you be in?

I’ve lost count somewhere between 51-55 shows. I’m excited we have a lot of off days. When I was in China I was doing a show a day for 365 days.

What advice would you give to a young artist?

If you really want to be an entertainer you have to trust your mentors. Don’t follow someone until you get what you think you need to be and then run off. Position yourself for longevity. Your dedication is everything. There are a lot of long days ahead… get ready.

What’s next for RazB after the tour?

I will be doing some artist development, working on a few TV and Movie projects and a project called “Raz to Riches” which will be shot in China. I’m going to take about 6 people over there with me.

I really appreciate you doing this for me last minute. I am so proud of you and I will see you soon!

Last update was on: September 6, 2023 5:06 pm

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