Set Shakur: It Looks Good on You

From the young age of twelve Sekyiwa “Set” Shakur knew she had a unique eye for beauty and fashion and though she most definitely could rest on the name and fervor her brother Tupac left behind she chooses to stand on her own. Along her journey she’s experienced more than her share of looking at life through the rearview. From the stress of dealing with dyslexia and being bipolar Set views her disease and struggles as positive. While most people view stress related diseases as negative, Set retorts, “Your opinion of me is none of my business.”

Tapping into her flair for fashion and refusing to compromise her vision Set walked away from what some would consider a huge opportunity. Her new clothing line Madamveli, was originally supposed to be the female line of the very successful Makeveli Branded, but when designers at Makeveli and Set couldn’t agree Set went her own way.  When asked if she felt that was a savvy business move considering the financial success of the brand that carries her brother’s likeness Set replied, “I need for my mission to be successful.”

The high-end fashion clothing line is not only a way for Tupac to retire in Set’s eyes but a way for her to switch places with her mother. “No matter what my brother did for my mom, I think every child is supposed to be able to take care of their parent when they get older. I want her to retire and I would love to just send her checks once in a while. So as soon as I can get that, then I can say my dream is done.”

When describing her high-end urban fashion line, Set anticipates Madamveli to be an armor for women who gain power using their uniqueness. The new line gives women a sense of empowerment “If you don’t feel like dealing with your boss today, you can put on a Madamveli outfit and be prepared to say whatever you have to say,” says Set.  While other major women’s clothing lines are tailored to certain women’s body types, Madamveli is not catered to a certain type of women but all women.

Throwing her sketches in the ring Set is saying move over Beyonce, Kimora and J-Lo. Although other high-end fashion lines are licensed, Set chose to preserve the quality and integrity of her clothing by not licensing her clothing. By not licensing the line’s brand name, Set is the designer and has complete creative control on what comes out, who makes it and the quality of the clothing.

Will the normal person be able to walk in the store and afford to wear Madamveli? “If you care about your clothing,” Set says. Although Madamveli is considered high-end, the line will not be found in boutiques but can be bought in retail stores such as Sax, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. While Set is striving for the line to launch overseas we here stateside should be on the lookout for Madamveli to hit stores Fall 2007.

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