Swishahouse Records “We Ain’t Going Nowhere”

Over the past 2 years the music scene in Houston Texas has been tremendous! Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Chamillionare, and Lil Flip have dominated the charts. It’s one label that stands alone in the syrup-sipping city and it’s Swishahouse. The man behind Paul Wall, Mike Jones and some of your favorite heavy hitters is Michael 5000 watts. He is the Dr. Dre of the South with hits that go back further than “Juice and Gin”. What it do baby? “We make riding music, anybody that’s been to Houston know it’s more laid back than other cities. Dj Screw influenced me to do the slow down music but everything else has been my own personal style.” With many labels making compilation albums “The Day Hell Broke Loose 3” is the sleeper of the year with plenty of hits like “Wish You Well” and “So Fly”. “It’s our 3 rd family album. “Wish You Well” is a reality song that has a subject. “So Fly” you think he’s talking about his girl but it’s about his cars. We expand and try something different every album. The fans support it a lot.” When working with a ledged like 5000 Watts, you have to be very motivated! “Talent and work ethic is what I look for. I look for more work ethic than talent. If you have a little talent I can bring the rest of it out of you” Sipping on syrup gets you in the party mood, but while the Houston party scene is off the hook, Syrup don’t always get you in the party mood. “I’m not really a serious syrup sipper. I had a one week syrup habit and it wasn’t for me. Lil Keke, Paul Wall drinks it and they are straight. I fell asleep cause my body wasn’t use to it. I can go to the “Roxy, “M Bar”, have a few drinks and be good.” With product hitting stores and streets near you, premiering new artists, and their plan for takeover, the Swishahouse future looks phenomenal! “We have Lil Keke “Loved By Few Hated By Many” Paul Wall “Get Money Stay True”, Mike Jones “The American Dream” new artists Yung Redd, E-Class, Archie Lee, and Cootabang are all dropping. You can hit us up at Swishahouse.biz Already!


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