Tackling the Power Moves of Jessica Danielle

From the creator of Playerpersective.com comes a prolific writer who delivers compelling perspectives on sports figures. Graduating Magna cum laude from Temple University in Political Science, she has experience working campaigns for politicians, speechwriting and being a spokesperson for many high-level executives and celebrities. Renowned for her political writing and quotes, she’s drawing national media attention by becoming a major force in the sports industry!

Tell me a bit more about you?

I have a blog called Player’s Perspective. I explore the human side of sports including media, agents and athletes. I go a little bit beyond the X’s and O’s. I started out in Politics and Government. However, I was always really interested in sports. I thought I was going to be a sports announcer at one point and ended up dropping that as a major in college. Having a blog just brought it out in full circle.

Did you play any sports while you were in high school or at Temple University?

No I didn’t. I did play intramural sports but didn’t play for the school or anything like that.

You are a self-described sports fanatic. Do you have any favorite sports you like to watch?

Football is definitely my favorite sport. It’s funny that I used to be a basketball and tennis fanatic. The blog itself is heavily focused on football although I do talk about other sports from time to time.

Do you have any sports predictions you would like to share?

I predict that the NFL is going to continue to grow. I’m looking at this off-season and there truly is no such thing as an off-season for the NFL anymore. It sort of felt like it was starting to peak and you wonder how big this league can become with nine billion in profits but it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Given how female reporters have a tough time when interviewing athletes in locker rooms, have you had challenging situations since you started the sports blog?

I think the most challenging thing to being a blogger is balancing the writing part with the business part.

You have plans for your own radio and television show. How close are you in finalizing these plans?

The television show is one of my long term business goals. I’m working on my live podcast to eventually be sold to a radio network. I’m in the beginning stages of figuring it out.

You offer advice as a media coach on another blog. Do you have any advice you would like to share about becoming a successful media magnet?

I think the best advice I can give is practice. Selling yourself, selling the product and selling ideas are the foundation for being successful in business. You really need to work on how you are communicating with other people. Just like anything else, you got to put the work in.

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