The Charismatic Flow of Nicoye Banks

Heart, Endurance, Professionalism, Passion…These are the characteristics of the next A-List actor you will soon hear more about. Many have seen Nicoye Banks in the movie, Brooklyn’s Finest, with Don Cheadle, Wesley Snipes, Richard Gere and Ethan Hawke. Others may have seen him in the action-thriller, Green Zone with Matt Damon. Both major motion movies debuted days apart from each other in 2010.

Nicoye Banks started out in theatre in plays including Death of a Salesman, King Lear and The Ballad of Emmett Till. He’s also starred in television performances on Law & Order and One Life To Live. His next upcoming film, On The Seventh Day by T.D. Jakes, premieres on April 13th. Fever Magazine recently talked with Nicoye Banks in this exclusive interview!

Tell me a little bit more about Nicoye Banks?

I was born and raised in New Orleans. I love getting around good folks and have good clean fun!

Explain what fuels your passion for acting?

People…The interaction, the study and learning from people…entertaining, educating, inspiring and motivating. Sometimes certain performances and characters can actually change people’s perspective on a person way of life or thinking. This business is very impactful and infectious!

Who are some of the actors that have influenced you?

I know it sounds generic but I take a piece and a part from everything I take a look at. The ones I really study are Blair Underwood who is one of my all time favorites, Will Smith, Cicely Tyson, Lou Gossett, I even look at some Billie Dee Williams stuff…There’s something to extract from all of them! I even love Meryl Streep and Anthony Hopkins…all these people are real geniuses! There is something to learn from all of them.

You have worked with a lot of A-list Actors. Tell me how that has helped you perfect your craft?

I learned, working with high calibers of actors, how to carry yourself as a professional. I learned how to operate as a consummate professional more than anything about the craft.

Nicoye BanksHow has your theatre work helped you in your quest for success?

Theatre is that medium where wherever you are on the stage, you are held accountable for being honest, in the moment and telling the truth. The rehearsal process…getting into the story, character and relationships…it stretches you out. In films where you have a lot of downtime, you have to show up and be ready to go. Having the theatre training helps me in my execution in film and television.

Tell me more about some of the community work you are involved in?

Learning what I’ve learned, it’s only right and fair that I share that. I’ve had the honor and privilege of developing an actor’s workshop and boot camp called The Art of the Craft. I also created a foundation in the works called It Takes Heart. The It Takes Heart Foundation is going to give ten scholarships to high school students entering college or acting schools who want to pursue the career of acting.

What are some of your future goals?

Besides furthering acting roles and pushing the envelope, I would love to produce some plays…a movie…and a documentary. There’s also a stage play that I did in Brooklyn that we want to make into a ten city tour called The High Priestess of Dark Alley.

Do you have any parting advice you can give for aspiring actors?

I would like to say for those aspiring for anything…really check your heart, harness it and protect it with everything you have because it’s your dream…it’s your passion! Put everything you have into it because it won’t fail you…because at the beginning and end of your day all you have is you! You can’t let anybody take that away from you. Specifically for actors, get your training and travel. As you travel, learn different ways people do things. This is the art of studying and portraying people.

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