Yowda aka King Yowda Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

Yowda aka King Yowda rising from Las Vegas and crowned royalty the chosen one. He blasted onto the music scene with the hit single “She Weak” Ft. Atlanta’s own 2 Chainz. The streets demanded more so he released “Shut Up”, and “That’s How It Goes” Ft. YG now being aired on Revolt TV. Yowda’s presence and, raw talent was undeniable. The most recent collaboration with, The Boss Rick Ross on the song titled, “Ballin” shot him to the top of the industry radar. The video was aired on MTV Jams, and he has been featured in XXL, Source, and Global Grind. His work ethic is unparalleled as he lives in the studio working with producers like Cool N Dre, DJ Mustard, Black Rhino, Kacey Khaliel just to name a few. His new project “City of No Sleep” is making history being hosted by two of the biggest in the game Trapaholics, and South’s own Bigga Rankin. He is feeding the streets with DOPE mixtapes back to back, stay tuned. Yowda will dominate the industry eliminating the fakes his music is the truth.

You say your music is the truth…Does your life inmate your art?

Out the gate. For sure it does! My music is an expression of what I’ve been through and things I have seen first hand.

How did you get Maybach music to manage you?

Ross (RickRoss) got ahold of my first CD, he inquired about me. We met and vibed ended up doing a song together and gave me a management situation.

What’s Las Vegas rap scene like?

It’s pretty slow but I believe there are a lot of people about to come up from Vegas and make some noise. Even though it’s slow… it’s about to be pretty big.

How do you feel about the climate of music right now?

The climate is good. Everyone has a lane right now, so there is more diversity than ever before. Everyone has a chance to eat now.

Who are you listening to in your car?

A lot of Old School rap, I try to listen to a lot of classic albums to copy their blueprint.

Can you tell people who don’t know what it takes to run an independent record label? How many hats do you wear yourself?

I have a closet full of hats LOL,  but it really takes patience. The progress keeps me motivated.

Out of all the songs you have recorded which are your favorites?

My favorites are not out yet but my album comes out next month and they will be the first 2 songs I push.

What are your career goals this year?

A Super push to get my career in the place it needs to be.

The Ladies want to know if your single?

(He first giggled) Nawwwwww, not at this moment. The music is everything.

How can your fans find you?


Thank you Yowda for your time. Fever Magazine is looking forward to your new album!

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