$2,000 Ford OjO Electric Scooter With Bluetooth Speakers

The new Ford OjO electric scooter is designed explicitly for long-lasting durability and optimal power. It is a bike lane-friendly, zero-emission smart scooter with a top speed of 20 miles per hour and can be driven even without a license. When fully charged, the electric scooter can range to 25 miles which can reach up to 50 miles with its additional battery pack. Its wing-shaped build and aluminum framework boost security, comfort, and agility. It doesn’t give you the fear of toppling over because the construction maintains a stable and smooth ride.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The smart technology features of Ford OjO electric scooter allow you to play music from your mobile phones through the two speakers fixed in it. The Bluetooth connection can be activated even when driving.

Another feature is the touchscreen with a digital LCD that has non-glare effect in the dashboard which monitors speed, lightning, and trip data and controls your music.

Disc Brakes and All-Temperature Tires

OjO components have waterproof feature, and the all-temperature tires give ultimate grip for twisting and turning. The rear and front discs offer controlled, quick, and safe stop. These features allow for practically easy and user-friendly ride.

Motion-Alert Alarm System

The electric scooter has another security feature which is its alarm system. Parking the scooter becomes a challenge since the alarm system has a loud sound when enabled. It also has a unique, innovative voice-response feature.

Detachable Seat and Treaded Riding Deck

$2,000 Ford OjO Electric Scooter With Bluetooth Speakers

The Ford OjO electric scooter is designed for standing and sitting. The non-slip, treaded deck and modifiable seat provide ease for either sitting or standing. An optional, convenient rear storage for accessories is also available.

Other features include the following:

  • Both wheels having suspension system
  • Built-in power cord
  • On board charger with retractable cord
  • High speed and secure
  • LED headlights
  • Easy to install

The eco-friendly transportation gives users balance and stability. Although there are some minor feedback about squeaking of the breaks and shocks were lackluster and would bottom out on some points, the scooter is practically easy to use. This is not as powerful and dynamic as the other scooters such as the Gogoro. However, OjO scooters are more portable stand-up electric scooters and are less expensive,a personal ride that can serve in a group on campus or resorts.

The custom-made 500-watt gear and brushless motor give high-performance and heavy-duty shocks. When empty, it takes about 5 hours of charging until.

This adult Ford OjO electric scooter for real transportation in bike lane is unique in the way that it sets apart from other types of scooter.

What people like about modern scooters are their stable range, the fun of riding, and the smart features. OjO and Ford made it sure to develop an e-scooter that will gain recognition,a mode of transportation that is known because of its brand and smart features that will standout from other scooters. This new mode of luxurious transportation from OjO and Ford is just the start. OjO Electric President, Dale Seiden, made a statement that Ford OjO electric scooter is so above anything else.

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