Become a Sex God With These 5 Easy Tips

Any true sex god knows that more sex is not better; better sex is better; for the tangoe-ing twosome and humankind as a whole. Better sex is the essence of better health. The most common problem for couples looking for better sex is that they don’t look outside of their comfort zone. In many cases, people seem to think the way to achieve better sex is simply to have less bad sex.

Sex God tip #3: Confidence

Women notice if a man is confident in his abilities, and will want to get to know him better. Women are very adept at reading a man, and this is one area that they will want to be sure of before approaching the man. Women report that they prefer longer sexual sessions that include massaging, masturbation and oral sex stimulation, as well as penetration. Women and Men spend millions of amount on drugs and medicines annually for increased sex power & sex time.

Sex God tip #2: Expand Your Repertoire

Sexual ability all women expect a man to know how to please them. Sexual satisfaction has always been important to us, and it should be something we keep achieving throughout our lives. All the same, for those who feel sexually bored or inadequate and are far from confident that they know all there is to know, the better sex guides are not to be sneered at. Its a great way to develop a more subtle and varied sexual repertoire and to discover new dimensions of erotic pleasure. It offers a very practical and scientific approach to improving the reader’s sexual health.

Sex God tip #3: Sex Toys

Expand your sexual repertoire and discover how toys can stimulate your senses, excite your desires and fulfill your fantasies. It’s not just the immense cultural pressure to be good at sex, and the fact that society has become very sexualised, it’s that sex doesn’t always come naturally. Similarly women can become more sexually responsive, more orgasmic, increase their potential to experience G spot orgasm and maintain urogenital health as they get older.

Sex God tip #4: The Benefits

The benefits of engaging in regular sexual intercourse include weight loss, stress reduction, improved circulation and increased longevity. Exercise done properly enhances sexual functioning because it can naturally increase testosterone levels in both males and females. The message is that we all need to wake up about our sexual health, start managing it more effectively, and encourage our friends to do the same – regardless of our sexuality.

Sex God tip #5: Keep Learning

Online sex guides are a good choice because they have videos and pictures and can be accessed from anywhere. Where each technique that men and women need to know to become true experts in bringing sexual joy to their partners is shown in explicit detail, and some are graphically and artistically illustrated by the author.

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