Best Tattoo Artists on Instagram – Top 20 for Art Inspiration

July 18, 2020

From minimalistic sticks and pokes to more elaborate designs, there are countless tattoo artists on Instagram that you may want to start following. They are a constant source of inspiration for the first or the next tattoo that you may be planning to get.

From emerging names to more prominent ones who are celebrity favorites, here are the top ten best tattoo artists on Instagram right now.

1. Keith McCurdy (@bangbangnyc)

Keith McCurdy has millions of followers, and it’s not shocking to see why. He’s a tattoo artist of Hollywood celebrities, including Rihanna, Lenny Kravitz, Cara Delevign, and many others. Keith McCurdy is famous for his thoughtful and delicate art. And while making an appointment with him is slim to none, you can live vicariously through the inspirational tattoo photos in his Instagram feed.

2. Sasha Unisex (@sashaunisex)

There are tons of people who want to get a real tattoo. But some are hesitant to mark their bodies permanently. So here comes Sasha Unisex, who is well-known for creating the best temporary tattoos. Her designs are mostly brightly colored flowers and animals.

3. Jonathan Valena (@jonboytattoo)

Another tattoo artist of celebrities is Jonathan Valena. He’s an inker for both average tattoo lovers and the elite. And if you are fortunate enough to get an appointment, he is famous for bringing tiny and minimalistic tattoos to the next level. His art features astounding detail despite their small size.

4. Rit Kit Tattoo (

Rit Kit has hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers for her tattoo arts created using real leaves as stencils for her designs. The photos you can see in her Instagram feed are of tattoos that feature natural realism, looking like they are the real deal.

5. Miryam Lumpini (@miryamlumpini)

With her couple of hundreds of followers, it’s not surprising that Miryam Lumpinin’s Instagram feed is full of exciting tattoo arts. She is famous for her incredibly unique witchdoctor aesthetic designs with intense detail and eye-popping color.

6. Masha Vivo (@vivotattoo)

While some want massive and elaborate tats, some people prefer more subtle ones, and Masha Vivo is here to give inspirations for that. Her Instagram feed is full of beautiful tiny tattoos with delicate drawings and super thin scripts.

7. Mira Mariah (@girlknewyork)

Here’s another famous tattoo artist on Instagram and responsible for some of the most iconic tattoos for Hollywood celebrities, including Ariana Grande. Mira Mariah is renowned for her abstract tattoo designs that I unlike any other artist. Her works often depict the beauty and intricacy of the female form.

8. Pony Wave (@ponywave)

Realistic tattoos are always incredible, and Pony Wave perfected her art in that form. If you are a massive fan of mind-blowing techniques that capture your eyes instantly and even boggles your mind, then she’s the real deal that you need to follow on Instagram.

9. Anthony Michaels (@antmikes)

When it comes to detail in tattoos, no one can beat the ones that Anthony Michaels does. When you look in his Instagram feed, you’ll get bombarded with phenomenal tats that feature realness to make them look enticing and haunting at the same.

10. Gabby Colledge (@zaya)

Another artist that is killing the tattooing game in London and on Instagram right now is Gabby College. She is famous for her minimalistic designs with inspiration from nature. Her works are understated but come with a whimsical essence that makes them unique and truly beautiful.

11. Lara Maju (@laramaju)

If you are a fan of minimalist tattoos, then you might want to follow Lara Maju on Instagram. Her inks are small and mostly nature-based, keeping things simple but incredibly detailed. Her art is the best choice for those who are getting their first tattoo and wanting to have a less obvious one.

12. Brittany Randell (@humblebeetattoo)

For intricate portraits and tiny scripts, Brittany Randell can do it and more. You can see a lot of her impressive works on her Instagram feed, which centers mostly around people, animals, natures, or a combination of these things.

13. Kandace Layne (@kandacelayne)

Kandace Layne’s designs are famous for their striking geometric patterns and vibrant colors. She is renowned for her mehndi and henna inspired tattoo work

14. Franki Tattoo (@franki_tattoo)

Franki Tattoo is based in Barcelona and specializes in putting a fresh and new spin to the traditional tattoo aesthetics. If you visit the Instagram page, you’ll get tons of inspiration for ink pieces with extreme complexity and depth, but still features an impressive vibrancy to it.

15. Stephanie Brown (@feralcatbox)

Stephanie Brown is one of the famous tattoo artists on Instagram, who is known for creating original pieces that are classically realistic and inspired by nature.

16. Alice Carrier (@alicerules)

17. Amanda Wachob (@amandawachob)

Amanda Wachob is a famous tattoo artist in New York City and on Instagram as well. She is known for creating massive tattoos and huge masterpieces of color to cover your body. But she can do small tats in impressive detail as well.

18. Lisa Orth (@lisaorth)

Lisa Orth is from LA, but if you’re from there, you can check out her Instagram feed for a lot of tattoo inspirations. Her designs mostly depict the beauty of nature and picturesque landscapes with bold and intricate lines.

19. Laura Martinez (@nothingwildtattoo)

Laura Martinez’s tattoo works are nothing short of amazing. She has a tattoo parlor in New York City, but you can also check out her Instagram for some inspiration if you are planning on getting a tattoo. Laura specializes in intricate designs that feature flawlessness that is truly unbelievable.

20. NEO (@neotattoos)

If you ware in Switzerland and looking to get a tattoo, you may want to visit NEO’s studio. Otherwise, you can bask in the glory of his Instagram feed that is full of incredible tattoo arts that features bold geometry and colors.

There are still a lot of tattoo artists out there, but these are the top 20 that you might want to check out. Their works vary in designs and styles, but all are impressive. So, if you are looking for an inspiration for your first, second, or third tattoo, do check out these tattoo artists on Instagram.

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