How to Choose the Best Cigar like a Boss

My first cigar experience was life changing, it was like magic! Taking a puff from a fresh, crisp, yet soft, medium bodied cigar wrapped in sunshine!

In Washington, there are a few places that one can sit in and have a nice flavorful cigar with perfect taste and quality. So, when I first discovered Smokey Joe’s Cigar Lounge, I was in love. With their plush recliners, baseball games on every channel, some delicious scotch, like one of my favorites Balvenie that pairs well with any one of the hundreds of beautifully wrapped cigars that await you every time you walk into the lounge. Once you have your favorite scotch in hand and your full-bodied cigar in your other hand you are ready to go and kick up your feet on their covered outdoor patio. Now, do you see why this is one of my favorite places?

The other day on a regular visit, I was looking to try a new cigar, after a full day of donut baking, I wanted to relax, watch a Yankees game, with a scotch and a full-bodied cigar quietly. So, I found myself intentionally at Arturo Fuente’s box, right next to A-Rod’s jersey. Now, friends, this case was full of candy, so, having to choose, I decided on four that I had never tried before, I also believe that with cigars, whiskey, and food, you have to taste test to discover what make your taste buds dance. My senses drew me to, Angel’s Share, Opus X, Hemingway and Gran Reserva, all very different and magical in their own way.

These cigars are delicious after I tell you about them, friends, ladies, and gentlemen, you better take your next date to Smokey Joes and try all four of these and if you are adventurous, you absolutely must pair your cigars with a delicious glass of your favorite scotch!

Now, let the deliciousness begin!

Angel’s Share; this spicy and sweet cigar is reminiscent of the term used in distilleries and wineries! Distillers store their alcohol in oak barrels and have said that a portion goes to the angels as it evaporates during the barrel-aging process. The Fuentes family explains, Angel’s Share in a produces a heavenly smoke, and if I may add this smoke is silky, light and mild. What makes this smoke milder than the Opus X, which you will try next is, that the leaves used to bind and fill this cigar are pulled from the middle or center of the tobacco plant instead of the top. This cigar is a must try for those that love mild flavor or for those new to cigar smoke!

Opus X Cigar is a strong and sensually bold cigar, combining the smooth yet rich creamy flavors that make this cigar a must enjoy. This is one of the rarest cigars in the world, with every puff you will want to savor all of the spicy, floral, creamy and slightly sweet flavors that dance with each puff as you exhale. While this cigar is delightful and a must have, this is also a cigar that you will want to have enjoyed a meal before eating, trust me, eat before so you can fully enjoy this Signature limited edition cigar today!

Hemingway Oh, how I love big things that come in small packages! This cigar is a Joygasm like no other, I assure you, friends! This cigar is a mixture of espresso beans, oak, spice and everything nice! As these flavors touch your lips and float on your tongue you will be enchanted, no mesmerized by the flavor and the smooth dark wrapper will excite the luxurious! So, embrace your sensual side and try this cigar, Today!

Gran Reserva this cigar is a private reserve. Just looking at it, entices you into the feeling of living a life of freedom, a relaxed life where you do and go as you please when you please. This cigar, friends is an entrepreneur’s cigar. That cigar that inspires you to continue to believe, focus more, work smarter and network better…WHOA, did I go there? Yes, I did, damn it! The wrapper, filler, and binder are all selected exclusively for this cigar with four generations of Fuentes Family investing love, patience and time into the creation of this beautifully crafted cigars. Each one is wrapped in Cameroon, Connecticut or Ecuadorian wrappers, when they touch your lips I swear you teleport to one of the locations while inhaling the divine smells of Cedar trees from Spain. I promise you, once you taste this cigar, puff on her smoke, you will be in love! Make sure you get more than one because I guarantee you will be inspired once you gently place one of these cigars to your lips!

Enjoy every puff as you explore the exquisite excellence that is Arturo Fuente Cigars and drop me a line and tell me about your cigar experiences today!

Until next month, enjoy life, have fun, be inspired by life’s flavors!

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