Daveed Diggs: Setting a New Bar For Men’s Fashion

Daveed Diggs is best known for his role as Marqui de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in the Broadway smash Hamilton: An American Musical where he sings, jumps, and dances on stage wearing a revolutionary era blue coat as well as a full purple velvet suit. Daveed Diggs personal fashion choices are nearly as eccentric and trend setting as his character Thomas Jefferson’s.  He has been seen rocking a jumpsuit with crazy printed shirts and his big beautiful hair pulled back with a simple bandanna. The man is not afraid of color, but he is a busy man who appreciates convenient clothing even if it can be a little outside the box at times. Although when he does dress up his suits are colorful and cut to confuse and draw in the eye. His suit when he appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon made up for it’s subdued gray color by having skinny pants and panels in several shades of gray cut and placed to cut up the lines of his suit. This man makes a gray suit fashion forward. We all need to step up our game.



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