Men in Skirts? NYFW 2017 Showcases Androgynous Collections

New York – New York Fashion Week (NYFW) 2017 is happening. This is one of the most sought-after events in the fashion world because prominent and dawning designers showcase their collections for the world to see.

NYFW 2017 is making some noise due to the underlying political statements made by designers through their collections. Bella and Gigi Hadid who modeled for Tommy Hilfiger were spotted with the sign of unity on bandanas worn on their wrists. There were designers who opted for slogan shirts with statements such as “Love is the resistance” and “Make America New York.”

To add up to the NYFW buzz are two designers who challenge the conventions in fashion with collections that cross over masculine and feminine elements. Calvin Luo and Gypsy Sport launched male and female models on the runway both wearing skirts, dresses, and pants. Yes, you read it right, men in skirts and dresses.

Calvin Luo is a 21-year old Chinese designer who is making a scene in the fashion world through his experimental designs. He is known to adopt feminine components in his design of menswear. For his second NYFW, he released his Asexual collection. He captivated the audience by opening his collection lineup with a male model in a midi skirt in wool. Other standout pieces include a dress over pants worn by a male model. The words Asexual is emblazoned all over his collection.

Calvin Luo’s collection was of monochromatic hues. He included colors of camel, black, olive greens, subtle plaids, and flashes of cobalt and garnet.  The materials he incorporated in his lineup are hoodies, sweaters, mock turtlenecks, wide-leg trousers, knits, velvet, and mesh worn by male and female models and styled for androgyny.

As a young designer, Calvin Luo aims to blur the boundaries between gender and sexuality. His collection is geared towards young and energetic men and women who have strong attitudes.

Another designer who caused a stir in NYFW 2017 is Rio Uribe for Gypsy Sport. The collection drew inspiration from the celebration of diversity. In his runway show, individuals of different identities, sizes, colors, and shapes modeled his revolutionary designs. Some men and women walking the runway were participants in political rallies that he attended.

Rio Uribe’s collection were a mixture of camo, tie-dye, mesh, fishnet, lace, and velvet. Noticeably, he sent both men and women to the runway in similarly designed pieces. Both men and women were wearing skirts and dresses.

The vision that Rio Uribe radiated in his collection is the harmonious coexistence of individuals of all genders and walks of life. His designs exude the idea of unity, inclusion, and diversity.

Exhibiting ideologies in the New York Fashion Week 2017 is in every way revolutionary. By challenging the status quo in fashion, Calvin Luo and Rio Uribe of Gypsy Sport were able to cascade an important message to the world. Fashion is not just something you wear, it is a statement of what you believe in and what you stand for. Would you wear one of these designs?


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