Our First Sexual Encounter Was Terrible! He Only Lasted 2 Minutes!

Dear The Pulse,

I had my first sexual encounter with this guy I’ve been dating for 2 months and it was horrible! He only lasted 2 minutes and couldn’t get it back up! He apologized and said it was because he hadn’t had sex in a while. I was so pissed I just got dressed and left. I hate to sound shallow, but I’m thinking about getting out now before feelings become involved. Am I wrong?
South Bend, IN
Dear Chelsea,
Before you throw up the deuces, realize that this has happened to almost all men at some point or another. Men have a lot of pressure on them when it comes to sex, and sometimes the anxiety will cause him to fire off too quickly. That line he gave you about not having sex in a while was probably just an excuse to make you feel sorry for him. What it sounds like to me is that his nerves simply got the best of him, but his ego will never allow him to admit it. If you really like this guy, give him another chance to redeem himself. If he still can’t go a full round, then you might just have yourself a minute man. And instead of getting dressed and storming out, put his ass to work! The tongue can be mightier than the sword. He got his and you gotta get yours!
Ci Ci Foster
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