The Pulse Q&A: Sexy Valentine’s Day Edition

Actress, Author, film producer Cherie Johnson is here to answer some of your questions and share her views on Relationship, love and even drop a few sex tips… Here’s another look at the brand new Pulse Q&A – the Valentine’s day edition!



My man and I have been together for 10 years. He came to me the other day and asked could we skip Valentine’s Day this year because he just wasn’t feeling it. I am a little heartbroken I always look forward to Valentine’s Day because he has done a great job at being romantic for 9 years prior but I don’t want him to feel pressured to do anything he doesn’t want to do. We are married so I feel like if the day isn’t acknowledged it will be awkward.

Signed: Heartbroken



No need to be dramatic your married honey that man loves you. Sounds to me like the same routine might be boring him.  Take this time to step up your game and remind him just why he married you. Skip the usual dinner and let you be the dessert. Remember men are visual creatures. This year Valentine’s day falls on a Sunday that means Mid Night Sunday morning you pull out your bag of tricks and send that man to bed with a smile on his face. Try something new watch some porn and take notes I guarantee you he will wake up Valentine’s Day with a new attitude and pull himself together. Change it up honey and bring back the spark! Pull out your video camera.


Do it like your doing it for TV,



What’s your idea of a romantic Valentine day date? I don’t want to do the same old thing and I don’t have a lot of money so I need to be creative. Help please?

Signed: Clueless



Sometimes it’s just all about the effort! One of my favorite dates was the one that was least expected. I’m not really the out door kind of girl but I dated a man who encouraged me to go on a hike with him. We hiked in the Malibu Mountains for an hour. Mind you I have grown up in the neighborhood and I live in Malibu so this was not a get away destination. After an hour of being hot and wondering why the hell he had me out there we reached a waterfall. I had no idea there was a waterfall right in my own back yard all these years. Out of the blue came 2 of his friends dressed in suits laying down a blanket and serving us a beautiful lunch. Nothing extravagant some sandwiches, fruit, cheeses, sparkling apple juice and some desert pastries. Lets just say my attitude on the way back to the car was much different than it was on the hike to the waterfall. He showed me something about my own neighborhood I never knew and put forth effort to do something nice for me. I will forever love him.


Be Creative,


Hey Love,

When is it too early to give Oral?

Signed: Eager



Are you over 18? I’m not Steve Harvey so to me as long as two consenting adults are willing and ready show them “What that mouth do” but remember you only get one shot to do it right the first time. So EAGER if you want a second chance you better be on point.


Give it your all,



I have been with a wonderful man for a year. I mean he is a really good man but I hate giving him oral because I can’t stand the way his semen taste and I don’t know how to tell him. Please help I’d love to please him I just don’t know how to bring it up or what to say.

Signed: Too Thick


Too Thick,

Baby if you hate the way his semen taste you have to be honest! 9 times out of 10 he doesn’t know the taste or his semen….He may be dehydrated. Some men simply need to drink more water. If it’s real thick and white enough water could a missing factor in his diet. Try giving him some pineapples and encourage him to alter his diet. Until he understands this is a major issue for you avoid oral sex all together. Trust me he will get it together and do what it takes.


Good luck with that,



I am having a hard time understanding why as a man all the pressure is on us men? Can a woman buy a man flowers, chocolates, sexy draws (Briefs) Dinner a movie something on Valentine’s Day?  How do you feel about trading places for once?

Signed: Tonight I want to be called Baby.


If you feel all the pressure is on you, maybe you are dating the wrong women?! I have always put forth the effort and materially spoiled the men I date on Valentine’s Day as I have done every other holiday. Now I had to go back and ask 10 male friends had they ever or would they like flowers. All 10 responded that they had never received flowers. Most weren’t into the idea or receiving them either. I admit I have never bought a man flowers while he was alive. 2016 I am going to change that, my man will be getting some roses I hope he doesn’t give me the side eye.  I appreciate you bringing that to my attention. Each one teach one. You need to make some better dating choices.





I am a little embarrassed but If someone is a virgin if they have it from the back does that lose her virginity? Is it best to wait till marriage or to find the right one?

Signed: Unsure



There is always a technicality around everything. Virginity refers to having a male organ inside your vaginal passage so if you have been anally stimulated you are still technically a Virgin until you have vaginal intercourse.  But the fact that I had to get technical tells me you’re not very virginal which is ok by me. Anal orgasms will blow your mind when you learn how to get a vaginal one at the same time. You have a bright sexual future ahead.





I’m 35. I would love to get married. I would also love to have children, but I just don’t want a baby mama. I use protection when having sex. I have to be sure that I found the right girl. Everybody I’ve run across loves playing games. I have a problem with my now ex girlfriend.  Starting to wonder does loyalty really exist? I have no more player left in me. I’m too old for that.

I was out with her earlier and bought us something to eat. She’s flirting with some guys across the street. She didn’t even give the decency to wait until I was gone. She did this right in my face. It would be different if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. I’m a loyal person. My love is genuine. I just wanted the same in return. Do you think I did the right thing by letting her go??

Signed: I’m just tired of playing the fool.


Your only problem is thinking you have a problem. Come on baby you said she is your EX. You’re looking for loyalty from someone whom you have already dismissed the title of Girlfriend from! What you need to do is dismiss this girl from your life so you can move on. You also said you can’t find that right girl. That may be the problem right there. Stop seeking girls and let a woman naturally enter your life. When your energy changes you will attract everything you need and more just continue to work on self and find peace in being single for a minute. You sound like a good man. Spend some time being good to yourself.


Don’t change,


Ms. Cherie,

My lady has a hard time reaching climax unless she has clitoral stimulation, so the only way I can bring her to orgasm is from oral any suggestions on how to make her climax through intercourse.

Signed: Mr. Motivated to Please Her


Mr. Motivated,

One of the best positions would be cowgirl (especially if your partner has pubic hair) This way she can control the amount of clitoral stimulation she gets and you can help her out by propping yourself up with pillows behind your back.  Remember concentrate on hitting that frontal wall that is where her G-spot is located. Also don’t be closed off to introducing sex toys to the best room. If you’re the doggie style type man that’s a great time to put some vibration on her clitoris. Follow her lead, her pace, and her preferences. Go get her!


Thank me later,


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