Rihanna’s Fenty Clothing Line Will Be Sued For Copyright Infringement


Rihanna’s Fenty brand has become a one of the most influential clothing lines in the industry.  With her line of cosmetics that have been beyond outselling the competition, along with recently announcing a highly-awaited lingerie collection.

Her clothing line collaboration with PUMA, however, is one of her most success high profiled business ventures, but they may have just hit a potentially damaging situation.

According to TMZ, a recent “Fenty University” collection from the Fenty X PUMA collab, has become the potential bullseye of a copyright infringement lawsuit by another clothing brand, Freedom United.

The suit alleges that the “Fenty University” line knowingly stole Freedom United’s “FU” logo, which is featured laboriously on Fenty clothing like sandals and sweaters.

Freedom United sent a cease and desist letter to Fenty back in January, claiming that Rihanna knew about the logo for years before deciding to use it for her “Fenty University” line. They also asked her to discontinue making the line, as well as a full accountings of the profits made from selling the clothes.

March 2018, PUMA answered back, claiming that there was no comparison between the two logos, as Rihanna’s line uses a complete opposite font from Freedom United, not to forget to mention that the initials “FU” aren’t unique enough to be trademarked. PUMA also mentioned that that specific collaboration was over and will no longer be created.

According to Freedom United, this wasn’t enough of a response or the one they were looking for, and will reportedly file a lawsuit against PUMA.

Check out a comparison between the two logos below. Should Rihanna be held responsible or is this whole thing a waste of time?





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