The Day After Valentine’s Day

Dear Pulse,

My boyfriend and I live about an hour apart. He didn’t want to drive down for Valentine’s Day, giving me some lame excuse about being too tired after work. Do you think he’s seeing someone else?

Yours Truly,

Abigail (NYC)


Dear Abigail,

The question is; do you think he’s seeing someone else? What does your gut tell you? Usually that female intuition is right on the money! When two and two just ain’t adding up it might be time to do a little detective work. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s quite possible your man could have been tired from working, but more than likely he’s got something to hide. Watch him closely for any signs that he might be cheating like; he guards his cell phone like a hawk, a change in his sexual appetite, a sudden change in his work schedule, or you’ve caught him in lies before. Collect your evidence and talk to him about your suspicions. If two and two don’t add up to four, be prepared to as Usher would say…let it burn.

Ci Ci


*The Pulse: Q&A is intended as inspiring and engaging advice and not an alternative for therapeutic intervention, should it be needed.

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