The Unwritten Rules of Tinder

July 18, 2020

Remember when people used to make fun of online dating? It was well over ten years ago, which is ancient history to most people these days, and many of the single guys out there can’t remember a time when they weren’t first introduced to a lady outside of an online profile, where meeting someone “the old fashioned way”—also known as “in person”—has become few and far between.

Now even the online dating world has become less personal thanks to the advent of Tinder, which allows people to sift through prospective mates like they would meats at a supermarket. With the five pictures max and short descriptions becoming the new normal, below are a few rules to keep in mind as you swipe left or right.

Filtered Pics can be Very Deceiving

Remember, you can photoshop just about anything these days to make it look convincing, so a savvy lady with some design program knowledge can enhance or clean herself up for her pictures. Be hyper critical of any photo you see that has a filter or looks like it has “had some work done to it.”

Short and Sweet, but Not too Short

While pictures dominate Tinder, some real insight into what the woman is like can be gleaned from the description. If there is a lot of text, it means there’s a certain insecurity there and that she may not be totally sure of herself. However, answers that are too short may mean she is an idiot. In between is ideal.

A myriad of pictures

The five pictures she posts should be of a number of things, not just her mugging for the camera. Of course, they should show off how she looks in a number of different settings, outfits and angles and ideally, all should be flattering. Pictures of her with friends, family or pets are usually red flags, as are profiles with less than five pictures—though sometimes this may leave a certain lingering mystery. Which is perfect, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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