Critics Say Biden’s Cleaner Jet Fuel Goal Might Not Happen | Finance

DALLAS, AP – Climate experts believe that Biden’s goal of reducing climate-change emissions in jet fuel is unrealistic.

President Joe Biden made public his goal of reducing greenhouse emissions from aircrafts by 20%. However, climate experts only see cleaner and sustainable fuel by 2050.

One of the biggest concerns is the price of sustainable fuel. Since cleaner and sustainable fuel is relatively more expensive, the government must provide substantial financial support to offset the material cost in aircraft.

The airline industry also expressed its concerns regarding sustainable fuel. Airlines are more afraid of “flight shaming,” which might happen if the customers view the industry as irresponsible to the environment.

The most unrealistic feature of Biden’s goal is his intention to use billions of gallons of sustainable fuel to force emissions to drop by 20%.

However, despite the good intentions behind this goal, the Environmental Protection Agency declared that the United States could only create 2.4 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel.

Comparing it to the current 21.5 billion gallons of fuel used by the aviation industry per year, the 2.4 million gallons seem unsustainable already.

The aviation industry will need government grants and tax incentives to begin Biden’s initiatives to compensate for this cost. Not only will this take a big chunk out of the country’s wallet, but it will also increase the aviation cost and pricing substantially.

Even if the government already possesses the kind of money in their reserve, it is doubtful that it will be sufficient to continue implementing sustainable aviation fuel in this industry.

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