France Accuses France of Lying Over French Submarines Contract | Finance


Washington, AP – France announced last Saturday of its threatened relationship between the US and Australia over misunderstandings about buying French submarines.

In response to this issue, Emmanuel Marcon, the French President, recalled the ambassadors in Canberra and Washington. This move was to show the country’s fury about Australia’s decision to favor America’s nuclear-powered vessels.

Unfortunately, this issue diminishes the chances of a proper relationship between Paris and Washington under President Joe Biden.

Foreign Minister Jean Yves Le Drian spoke to France 2 television to show that the country has no intention of letting the issue die down. Le Drian publicly announced that “there has been lying, duplicity, a major breach of trust and contempt.”

Foreign Minister Le Drian also attributed the withdrawal of the ambassadors from the US as a symbol of the country’s upset.

In response to Le Drian’s statement, Australian Finance Minister Simon Birmingham announced how difficult it was to cancel its deal with France. Simon Birmingham also stresses the importance of the long-term relationship with France in the coming years.

Furthermore, NATO will need to thoroughly account for this issue to reconsider its strategies at the summit in Madrid next year.

Admiral Rob Bauer, the chair of the Military Committee in NATO, expects no military cooperation between the alliance.

Nevertheless, Biden recently announced the Australia-US-Britain alliance last Wednesday to provide submarine technology and cyber-defense technology to the alliance.

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