Pelosi Confirms that Infrastructure Bill will Pass | Finance

WASHINGTON – Nancy Pelosi is confident that the $1 trillion infrastructure bill will pass this week. This infrastructure bill will fund different government construction projects like airports, roads, and the like.

This infrastructure bill is also part of President Joe Biden’s economic agenda. In line with Biden’s agenda, the press asked Biden if they already had the votes to pass the bill.

In response, Biden expressed his optimism of the bill’s approval to take the better part of the week.

Nancy Pelosi told ABC News Anchor George Stephanopoulos that she would never bring a bill to the committee without the sufficient votes supporting it.

Pelosi also expressed that she cannot state the exact date when the infrastructure bill will pass. However, Pelosi is confident that the bill will pass by the later part of this week.

As a result, Pelosi also revealed that the $3.5 billion social welfare and climate bill might decrease because of the significant divide within the Democratic party.

Because of this divide, the Democrats are yet to reach the proper dates for implementing the bills.

A group of progressive lawmakers also recommended postponing the $1 trillion infrastructure bill until the government implements larger bills. On the other hand, moderates agree that the infrastructure bill must push through, regardless of the larger measures.

As a result, Nancy Pelosi did not reveal the way to overcome the divisions within the party. Nevertheless, Pelosi reveals that the infrastructure bill would be significantly lower than $3.5 trillion.

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