Warren Buffet’s Pipeline Spews Greenhouse Gasses in Oklahoma | Finance News

OKLAHOMA – A pipeline owned by Warren Buffet emitted greenhouse gasses for almost three hours after trying to fix a leak. 

This emission was one of the worst releases this year, emitting the same equivalent of over 7,700 US vehicles. However, when pressed by Bloomberg about the release, company representative Mike Loeffler said that only “a small amount of natural gas was released from a section of Northern Natural Gas’ pipeline facilities.” 

The International Energy Agency estimated that at least 75% of methane emissions should lessen by 2030. 

Methane, the gas released by Northern Natural Gas, possessed more than 80 times the allowable CO2 impact. This pipeline leak significantly slowed the country’s goal to lessen climate change. 

An analytics firm found that the leak emitted the equivalent of 116 tons of Methane an hour. According to the analysis from the data of the European Space Agency, the pipeline had the second-fastest flow rate in the United States. 

Because of the potential environmental effects, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission inquired to the Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration last October 22, 2021. However, the Department did not comment on the Commission’s emails. 

The Biden administration expects to create stricter methane mandates this week. The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow will also focus heavily on Methane and how to limit its carbon emissions. 

Furthermore, the large producers in the Middle East showed that the company could still produce high levels of oil and gas without leaks.

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