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Monster Hunter (2020)

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Are you an avid player of ‘Monster Hunter’? If you are, you will love ‘Monster Hunter,’ the movie. It is quite rare that a game is adapted into a movie. If you love the Assassins Creed movie, you will like Monster Hunter too.

The setting of the movie is influenced by a popular genre called Isekai. In the Isekai genre, the protagonists are transferred from Earth to an Earth-like world thru scientific or mystical means. The world-building in Monster Hunter is truly epic because the director of this movie has an epic resume.

Enter Paul W.S. Anderson. He directed ‘Mortal Kombat,’ ‘Resident Evil,’ ‘Alien Vs. Predator’ and ‘Pompeii.’ He is known for utilizing magnanimous sound and visual effects. His films truly take your breath away. His style of movie-making is no different in Monster Hunter.

‘Monster Hunter’ is action-filled. The epic fight scenes against gigantic monsters such as the Diablos, the Nerscyllas, Rathalos, and the Gore Magala are truly awesome and masterfully done. The working dynamic between Artemis and the Hunter is so natural and flawless. No wonder Monster Hunter is enjoyable to watch.

A great movie is not without epic sound effects and music score. Simulating the New World’s vast space, the music and sound effects must be loud and nostalgic. Every sound of slashes of swords and grunts of monsters transports the viewers into a harsh world. The movie is coupled with epic music sound scores, which carry minds into a Valhalla of exhilarating mayhem.

For players of ‘Monster Hunter,’ the beasts are very familiar. The weapons used in the movie are an almost faithful reproduction of the ones used in the game. It is easy to be carried away into the New World and seeing beasts being sliced. If action and fantasy is your thing, ‘Monster Hunter’ is just the thing for you.

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