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Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)

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Have you experienced being deceived, used, and mocked by other people? How did betrayal impact you? How are you able to reconcile with them? The movie “Raya and the Last Dragon” has explored these questions. 

Raya has excellent character development. From a victim of betrayal, she was able to forgive those who deceived, used, and disposed of her. Her heroine’s journey is action-packed and engaging. It is very relatable to a multi-generational audience because all of you have experienced being betrayed in one way or another. Her adventures represent her journey of healing. Her archetype is that of a Wounded Savior because she experienced a lot of loss for being duped by someone she trusts. 

The animation and cinematographic effects are very engaging. Together with the amazing sound effects, every scene captures your attention. Only a few animated movies produced by Disney provoke a tear-jerking emotional response among all ages. Perhaps the reason is the universality of the themes: trust, betrayal, forgiveness, and healing. 

The movie is rich in the use of symbolism. For instance, the turning of Chief Benja into stone symbolizes the hardening of Raya’s heart. Another use of symbolism is the restoration of the gem, wherein it signifies her forgiveness of Namaari and reconciliation of all tribes. Also, there is a scene based on Moses’ story wherein, in both narratives, the water became the plot device that saved them from certain doom. 

Overall, this animated movie is a must-watch for all generations because both young and old would love it. It shows that reconciliation is a journey. So, what are you waiting for? Watch now before the hype ends.

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