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Evolution Album Review

Disturbed’s Evolution is their seventh album. It has a very fitting title to itself. Evolution tells the story of Disturbed over these years and their enrichment in that time period. The album has a very diverse tune. Each song of the album contributes to its diversity. David Draiman’s rich voice has given life to the album. Evolution starts with ”Are You Ready” with perfect notes for start and capturing the attention of listeners. It is followed by “No One”. With swinging drum beats it might be the most powerful track on the album. “Already gone” is a track which clearly expresses the pain in Draiman’s voice. It is undoubtedly a heart-wrenching song. Another beautiful track is “A Reason to Fight”. It is the first of the four ballads or acoustic tracks of the album.

Evolution Album Review

Evolution is definitely an improvement to the 2015 album Immortalized which was a success in itself. It has hard rock elements clubbed with soft acoustic ballads giving the diverse taste to the listeners. It is capturing they the Disturbed to deliver songs with messages. The album has greatly contributed to expanding their legacy. The album would precisely please the longtime fans.

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