2017 STEM-Inspired Gifts for Kids to Learn Robotics and Coding

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Holiday season 2017 is just around the corner. Many might be thinking what exactly to give kids this Christmas that will surely help them flourish their creativity, imagination, and interests. This led to the offering of STEM-inspired gifts, programmable tools and/or toys that are suitable for children with coding and robotics curiosity.

Educational technology toys are starting to be a thing on the market today. These toys allow children to set up their own robots, code their own programs, and formulate their own projects.

Kids today are relatively “techie” and more focused on gadgets than the regular toys in stores. Thus, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics or STEM is already a thing today.

The influence of STEM could vary in every child. Thus, if they get to be motivated by STEM-related items and inventions, they are more likely to push through knowing technology tools and gadgets more. That is why you can never go wrong in giving them STEM-inspired gifts.

2017 STEM-Inspired Gifts for Kids to Learn Robotics and Coding

This 2017’s list of STEM-inspired gifts for children is what basically everyone is looking for:

  • Classic wooden abacus

The classic wooden abacus is making a comeback on the field today. This tool can help children know math easily and organically. Thus, it does not need any internet connection to function.

The classic wooden abacus is good and recommended for children 3years old and above and costs around $15 each.

  • Kano Pixel kit

Kano, a company known for modular kit production that can be used to teach kids about electronics and coding, has recently branched out into producing different device kits like the Pixel.

The Pixel is a programmable LED array that allows children to play with colorful LED lights through drag-and-drop coding block interface using a computer device such as Mac or Windows operating system (OS).

The Kano Pixel kit is best for children 6 years and above. It amounts to at least $80.

  • Kamigami

Kamigami is one of the STEM-inspired gifts produced by Dash Robotics that allows children to build their own bots. The toy can be controlled and programmed via an iOS or Android-powered device to function.

The toy costs $50 and is recommended for kids aged8and above.

  • Lego Boost Creative Toolbox building and coding kit

The Lego Boost Creative Toolbox building and coding kit is not just an ordinary Lego building kit every kid would want. The said toolkit has a robotic and programming system best for children7to 12 years old.

The Lego Boost Creative Toolbox building and coding kit uses distinct Lego pieces that are empowered by a kid-friendly drag-and-drop code interface. It is priced at $160.

  • Pi-top modular laptop with inventor’s kit

pi-top, a United Kingdom (UK) STEM start-up company, is making its name in the education technology (EdTech) industry. Its newest modular laptop comes with an inventor’s kit that runs a STEM-centered software with the ability to code CEED Universe, a civilization-type game.

The device can also be used for accessing different applications and web browsing. It is recommended for children 8years old and above. It is priced at $320.

Gadget companies like Kano, Lego, and pi-top together with its developers are working hard to make the most out of the market’s demand when it comes to producing STEM-inspired gifts suitable for children.

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