Votiro Cybersecurity Firm Announced Joining VMware’s TAP Program

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Votiro, a cybersecurity firm based in Israel, has announced that they have joined the Technology Alliance Partner or TAP program of VMware as an access level partner.

The firm has several offices in various countries like Australia, Singapore, United States (in California), and Israel (in Tel Aviv). The company provides different organizations with essential cyber-protection against the zero-day and undisclosed exploits that are utilized in most cyber-attacks.

Votiro joined forces with the TAP program of VMware for collaboration purposes when it comes to making innovative solutions for both cloud computing and virtualization. Itay Glick, Votiro’s chief executive officer, said that the company is focused on making sure that their customers are better protected against targeted attacks from malicious documents.

The Votiro CEO also commented, about their collaboration with VMware, that it gives them the chance to provide even more benefits that are in line with the VMware platform. It includes protection for both the physical and virtual infrastructure to better secure all the data channels while also reducing the cost.

The TAP program of VMware also aims to provide organizations with flexible ways to select partnerships with the necessary expertise that will serve what they want. The program also includes several partners that promised to give only the best business solutions and knowledge for every customer.

Votiro Cybersecurity Firm Announced Joining VMware’s TAP Program

Kristen Edwards, the director of VMware for their Technology Alliance Partner program, has also welcomed the Votiro team in their TAP program. She said that Votiro’s membership simply means taking the full advantage of the streamlined and better cloud infrastructure experience by the customers. She also stated that the partnership between the two companies aims to develop technology that promises to transform the customer’s environment.

The cybersecurity firm has made accessible its product information and both its collateral and some other assets in the VMware Solution Exchange. It is an online marketplace where all the developers and partners can publish their software and solutions. Gartner has also dubbed Votiro as a Cool Vendor that was part of their 2017 report for “Cool Vendors in Content Services” earlier this year. Gartner said that the vendors have been selected as exhibiting innovation in content creation, content protection, integration, and collaboration.

According to Votiro, the content-based type of cyber-attacks like the ransomware is a proof of the significant risk for the group of people that exchanges content from both in and out of the organization. The whole Votiro team was also pleased that their advanced CDR technology was acknowledged, based on Glick’s comment about the award.

The Votiro cybersecurity firm uses technology that can protect and prevent any content-related threats. It also applies several cleansing processes to all the incoming files such as those from sharing services, web downloads, and even emails. The firm’s Secure Email Gateway, in particular, is capable of providing a robust process for cleansing files that might come from potential cyber-threats. It is made possible with their Advanced Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology. Most customers of Votiro include government agencies, financial institutions, banks, utilities and energy companies, and service providers for health, retail, and many others.

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