Amazon Echo RED to Fight AIDS in Every Purchase

LONDON, United Kingdom – Amazon Echo RED is the electronic commerce company’s newest smart speaker line that aims to contribute to a good cause. Amazon pledged to contribute $10 to fight AIDS through the Global Fund.

The crimson-colored smart speaker by Amazon not only is eye-catching but also stands for a certain cause that will benefit other people.

The Echo RED is said to be similar to Amazon’s original version of the Echo speaker. The Amazon Echo RED promises a bold red design totally appealing for every speaker-lover and those who seek color variety aside from the regular gray, black, fake wood, or silver color.

The Amazon Echo RED speaker functions the same as the original second – generation smart speaker that connects to Alexa that enables the user to play music, make and receive calls, create alarms and timers, as well as maneuver other smart home gadgets.

The Echo RED speaker features Dolby standard vocals and bass employing a digital surround sound that can fill the room through its 360-degree omnidirectional audio function. The speaker’s assistant, Alexa, can also manage to check a user’s calendar, traffic, and weather. Thus, it can also record to – do lists and grocery items’ record.

Amazon Echo RED to Fight AIDS in Every Purchase

Not only that, aside from helping a good cause and receiving a quality item, the Echo RED speaker can even control a home’s thermostats, doors, water sprinklers, and even lights, as long as it is compatible.

In the Amazon Echo RED speaker, users can manage every smart device at home or in the office in just one voice command through Alexa. Users can truly expect a prompt response and action after giving the command.

This corporate social responsibility (CSR) by Amazon, though not new in the field, aims to bring support and success to their chosen cause like fighting AIDS. As part of the solution to solve a global dilemma, the electronic commerce company hopes to contribute to the cause through their own proposed move.

Apple, on the other hand, has supported the same cause with Amazon. The tech giant is known to produce a wide range of products and accessories.A certain percentage in every purchase of their products, from low-cost items to pricey ones as iPhones, goes through the Global Fund to support and fight AIDS.

Amazon’s move may not be as great as Apple’s. Still, such action is huge considering Amazon is kicking this off with one of its most popular products, the Amazon Echo RED.

On December 6, 2017, the Amazon Echo RED will make its debut on the global market via the e-commerce platform. It is to be offered at a price the same as the original version. The eye-catching speaker will work its way to give every user the best experience while simultaneously supporting a phenomenal cause to overturn AIDS.

The Amazon Echo RED speaker is being sold in a finite offering only.

10 percent ($10) of every sold item of Amazon Echo RED will go directly to the Global Fund to combat the said movement to fight AIDS across the globe.

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