Apple Incorporates Health Services, Other Giants Also on the Run

CUPERTINO, Calif. – Apple has joined the other tech giants in catering top-of-the-line products with the twist of “healthy” services. This is after the App Store offers a new app dubbed as the“Apple Heart Study.”

The said application primarily functions as a detector or sensor for an irregular rhythm of the heartbeat. The app is part of the study of Stanford University and is backed by Apple.

Medical practitioners from Stanford wanted to know how the gadgets would correctly feed reliable information regarding the health of a person.

The heart monitoring application was launched on November 30 with the Apple smartwatch as the first gadget bearer.

Apple smartwatches are equipped with a green-colored sensor that flashes hundreds of times in every second and coupled with a light-sensitive diode to detect the amount of blood flowing through the arms.

According to Daniel Poston, a medical student in Manhattan, the said monitoring app is beneficial to, at least, early detecting any signs of an irregular rhythm of the heart. Poston also pointed out that the role of technology in revolutionizing the medical field is indeed colossal.

Meanwhile, such move of integrating technology into their products is not new to the tech market. Google has shifted its healthcare services bearing the name Alphabet. Google magnates expressed how they value the health of their customers and even allotted billions of dollars just to realize their health-care ambitions.

Just recently, Google managed to formulate a “teased pill” that is capable of detecting any cancer cells.

Apple Incorporates Health Services, Other Giants Also on the Run

With Google’s health arm, the Alphabet, it is working out to realize the following healthcare ventures: Calico, Life Sciences, Google Ventures, and Google X.

On the other hand, Microsoft has come up with a monitoring application known as the “Microsoft Band.”  The Microsoft Band will let individuals synchronized their health data from apps like Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, and Strava. Also, Microsoft is priming its massive cloud storage capability which will be of great help in comparing the health analytics of a person.

John Prendergass, assistant director of health care at Ben Franklin Technology Partners, said that the reason these technology companies are on the run in framing healthier services is that the market on health is too big, too personal, and too important for their customers to ignore.

According to tech experts, it is very important that people now realize the significance of their gadgets when it comes to health services. They said that people around the world are holding a smartphone in their hand, so the efficacy of integrating a health application into their daily lives is so high.

Moreover, a study affirmed that as early as 2012, a total of 17 percent of mobile phone owners in the world are using their devices to check their health, including getting pertinent medical information over the internet.

In this scenario, Apple, Goggle, Microsoft, and other tech giants capitalize their effort on refining their services and gadgets to serve their clients, not only with top-notch devices but healthier ones.

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