Apple Is Selling Battery Replacements for Only $29

CUPERTINO, Calif. – Apple will start selling their battery replacements for iPhone 6 and other later models for only $29 beginning on January 2018 until December 2018. The company will be doing this to compensate for the failures of the battery of the said iPhone models.

Recently, many iPhone users announced that they were not satisfied with the services of Apple. They even implied that they would be filing a lawsuit against the company. In fact, five of them pursued the case against Apple – they filed the lawsuit in New York. The reason behind the actions of those users is because the company has been selling phones with what they believe contain defective batteries. Users added that they think the Apple Company is purposively slowing down their iPhones after a certain period that it is used.

Those users had also bought a newer model to solve their problems which started when they upgraded their phones to the latest iOS version. However, according to the lawsuit, if they already have the idea that the battery was the cause of the problem, they should have bought a new battery instead of a new phone.

But lately, the company has confirmed that the models iPhone 6, 6s, 6, 6 Plus, and 6s Plus are experiencing some problems. They also said that the software updates were created to prevent the device from shutting down unexpectedly.

Some users insisted that the company should have shown more transparency regarding the performance of its batteries in the long run. In fact, Apple only acknowledged the problem after some bloggers and users have posted about devices they have tested.

Apple Is Selling Battery Replacements for Only $29

This month, the company made a letter to the public where they apologized for the misinterpretation in older iPhone models that became slower due to its batteries. The letter was published to let their customers know that they genuinely apologize for the customer’s inconvenience and that they understand how they feel.

Apple’s letter also mentioned that the battery of iPhone is a consumable component. And as compensation, they will be selling replacement of iPhone’s battery for only $29 – the price was $50 cheaper than the original cost.

The company also promised that they would be adding iOS features that will let users know the current health of their battery. This incident is contradictory to what Apple said 10 years ago that iPhone users won’t need to replace their phone’s battery ever.

So far, the company has many things to do to regain customers’ trust. The news about the Apple’s products instantly spread in every media outlets. People are insisting that Apple has slowed down their products and it was confirmed when the news came out. Apple will have a hard time going back to the time when customers completely trust them.

In their letter, Apple also mentioned that they want their customers to use their iPhones for an extended period. If the company wants that for real, and the news about consumable batteries are real, then those steps or added features can only be the start of a most critical mind reset. People will have to change their views about iPhone maintenance which has changed over time.

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